Free Car Wash

Set up a youth car wash at a local shopping centre or service station as you normally would. However, instead of charging people, do it for free. Make it clear that there are no strings attached. However, those who care to may make a contribution of any amount they choose. This money can then be used by the youth for a missionary project, a relief agency providing food for famine stricken countries, or other worthy projects. A sign/tickets could possibly read: Your car is being washed by the youth group from Parkview Church for free with no strings attached. It’s just one small way for us to demonstrate to you the love of Jesus Christ. Another way we are attempting to share this love is by collecting funds to help purchase food for the hungry. If you’d like to help us with this project, your contribution would be greatly appreciated. *** Keep an eye on younger youth so that they take it somewhat seriously and don’t annoy the customers.