Fishbowl Fellowship

A.K.A. – Four-by-Four Fellowship. This idea works great for full families (possibly better) as well as the youth. It’s simple. On a designated day each child/family writes their name on a small piece of paper given to them upon arriving. A fishbowl is passed among the congregation, similar to the passing of communion or the offering plates. Each child/family places their paper in the fishbowl, and then it is passed again. This time the papers are drawn out. If the child/family pulls their name they just try again. Then, they have a certain amount of time to arrange an event with the name they drew. This could be as complex as dinner at their home or as simple as getting together at the church to play games. The idea is to promote fellowship, but not embarass anyone about money or the appearance of their home, so it’s up to them. We usually use a time period of about two months just because of how hectic schedules can be. Those families that are not able to attend can pre-arrange to have their names added. Of course, this means that each child/family will be responsible for connecting with someone as well as someone will connect with them. It’s great fun and there are so many possibilities. Then in that two months or so, do it again!!!