Family Movie Night

Offer families an inexpensive way to go to the movies – Monthly Family Movie Nights! Each month our youth group features a approved movie for the whole family. Admission is free. We made a concession stand complete with popcorn and snacks for very reasonable prices. We also allowed kids to bring pillows, blankets and sleeping bags to make it more comfortable. You could even do a theme night complete with dressed up characters from the featured movie. This has become a big hit at our church!

The idea is to sponser family movie night. Admission is FREE to watch the movie. The way you make your money is by hosting a concession stand. You can go from just serving soda and popcorn, to cheap meals such a hotdogs with chips and a drink. Also provide a nursery for very small children that cannot sit through a movie. This can be a free service or charge a small fee. Set your prices according to your audience. Show a family friendly movie, and sit back and enjoy!

(TAs with the showing of any film/video in public, the most important thing about this event is that you absolutely must get permission to show the movie beforehand to a group or have CCVLI and show a movie that is covered by it!!)