Family Circles

Family Circles is an activity that encourages youth to talk about their families and think critically about their future family (as a spouse and parent). You begin by creating circles with words of fundamental aspects of a typical family – good and bad in them. For example:


I created nearly a hundred different circles the kids could cut out. The objective was to use the circles that applied to their family and use them to symbolically represent realities within their family structure. Each student was given a large poster board to be the base of their picture. I gave them colored construction paper, scissors, glue, and markers as well. After their creation is finished they are to give a presentation describing their art. I was amazed how quickly the kids opened up, and how creative they were. You get a quick, but very deep look at who they are and where they come from. Because all of us are a product of our family, whether we like it or not.

Each youth is then given two charts to glue to their family circle. One chart is entitled “Take It”. The other chart is entitled “Leave It”. They are to then list things they would like to take and leave from their current family structure and apply to their future family structure. We emphasized the importance of planning. Nothing good happens from poor planning. It is a good activity to encourage discussions on choosing the right spouse as well.