Form the youth into two parallel rows with them sitting closely and facing the opposite row, about 2 feet apart. The youth in each row hold hands. At one end of the row is the leader with a coin; at the other end, on a chair is a plastic cup of water (not very much water). The leader stands/sits backward, between the front of the two rows in a way that only the person on each end of the row can see his/her hand.
The leader explains the rules that if he/she flips the coin and it is “heads” then the first person in that row is to send an electric charge by squeezing the hand of the next person in their row. The next person, using their other hand squeezes the next person’s hand and so on. When the last person feels a squeeze on their hand, they grab the cup of water and throw it on the person in the opposite row facing them!
The object of the game is to send the electric charge down the chain of persons faster than the opposing team. The losing team has to remain in place, whereas the winning team rotates down in their chairs and the last person is now at the head of the row. The first row to rotate everyone into the first chair wins. If a “false” electric charge occurs (someone on one of the team starts a false charge when no coin was tossed or the “heads” did not occur, then the other team gets to rotate their folks. All players must be silent. All must look straight down at all times; except the two people looking at the leader flipping the coin.
Get ready to get wet!

Divide into two to four groups. Have them hold hands and line up parallel to each other. Everyone faces the back of the room except the person in the front of the line.

Variation 1:
Flip a coin. If heads, they send a “pulse” by squeezing the hand they’re holding. The person at the back who raises his hand first wins. Negative points for the team that raises their hands on tails.

Variation 2:
Lift one, two, or three fingers. Students should sent that number of pulses. First team with student that raises hand with one, two, or three fingers at the end gets the point.

Variation 3:
Nicknamed ‘Electric Jenga’. Play either variation 1 or 2. The slowest team or the team that gets the # incorrect pulls a Jenga piece. Team that makes the Jenga tower collapse loses extra points.