Egg Golf

Set up a jar or large cup on its side in the church parking lot. Give each player a raw egg. Write players’ initials on their eggs with a marker. Using a broom, players take turns teeing off from a designated “tee box.” The game is just like real golf, with the object being to get the egg in the cup in the fewest number of strokes. Throughout the game, players must remain behind the backswing of the person taking a turn to prevent egg/foot disasters.
Once everyone has taken his/her first stroke, the person whose egg is farthest away from the “cup” gets to go again. Players announce which stroke they are on each time they hit the egg so no one forgets (or one youth leader may keep score for the entire group). When an egg has spilled at least half of its guts, the player is out.
The trick is to hit the egg hard enough to get decent distance without hitting it hard enough that its end-over-end tumble against asphalt causes it to self-destruct.
A word of caution–church board members tend to get upset if you fail to clean up the eggshells from the parking lot. Trust me.