Egg Drop Contest

This is something I did when I was in youth and am going to do tomorrow night with my youth group. Make teams of 3 or 4 and give them a egg. Allow them to look around the church or surrounding property for materials to make a container than will protect the egg from a high drop onto cement/pavement. You can provide some basics like tape, or newpaper, etc to help them construct the containers. After 15 mins or so, gather them together and drop their containers from a large height (high ladder, church roof, indoor balcany, etc.). The teams with eggs that survive will move to the next round and must repack their egg in their container for another drop. Keep this up until one remains and award a prize to the winning team. Note that you may want to limit the size of the containers to shoebox size or smaller, or else you just know that some clown will find a garbage can and fill it with newspapers or something. 🙂