Dye War

Supplies: Large outdoor playing area; 4 32 gallon plastic trash cans; 2 pints food coloring purchased at grocery outlet store (red and blue work best) have all youth bring OLD white t-shirt; enough clear plastic tumblers (smaller cups)for each player; super soakers & dipstix for staff; hose for clean-up. Object: To completely change the color of the opposing teams shirt from white to red/blue. Description: Divide players into two equal teams. Separate trash cans in field about 30 yds. apart. Fill trash cans with water, add food coloring to cans (two trash cans per team). Fill staff super soakers & dipstix. Instruct players that they may only get one cup during entire game (break it, lose it). Explain boundaries. 30 yds x 30 yds. is sufficient for 100 players. Have at it. The game will go by real fast. After dye water is gone, hose ’em down. Dye does come out if soaked within a day or two. Of course you will become a target, staff will most likely lift a trash can over your head and do the Gatorade shower on you. :~) Enjoy.