Duracell Kickball

The game is played much like kickball. The players are divided into two teams. One team takes the field and the other team is the kicking team. One at a time, the members of the kicking team kicks the ball and runs the bases. However, the goal of the fielding team is to return the ball to the pitcher. Those on the kicking team continue to run the bases until the ball is in the pitcher’s hand. Once the ball is in the pitchers hand, the runners stop whereever they are. On bases, between bases, etc. If a runner reaches home they receive a point for their team and continue on to first base again. Once everyone on the kicking team has had a chance to kick the ball and run the bases, the teams switch. If you have more than 10 people on a team, the runners are out of energy after only one or two innings– Thus the name Duracell Kickball.