One of the most powerful programs that my church has is called deCycles. deCycles are approximately 40 to 50 teenagers who get together for 2 weeks in July and bike ride throughout places,while staying at churches along the way.This bike trip helps everyone get a better and closer look to God and even helps people who are not familiar to God get a better view.This year many kids were Saved on the trip.It has helped a lot for all of them.This group originally started in Hartford City,Indiana in the 1970’s and at that time they would ride 1,000 miles (like we do now) but it would take at least 1 month or longer because the deCycles at that time rode to and throughout Canada.Now the deCycles are owned and operated by Shiloh Community Church in Orleans,Michigan. Shiloh Church purchased the deCycles in 1986 from the church that owned it in Hartford City, Indiana.