Dear Hunt

This game is a LOT of fun, but it tends to get pretty rough. The teams are usually boys v. girls. Each member puts a rubber band around their wrist with a string attached. The string is then tied to an index card with a hole punched through it that has the player’s name on it. The point is to get as many of the other team’s cards without losing your own. There are three safe stations: one for the guys to return the stolen girls’ cards, one for the girls, and one for all people to return to to get another card once they lose their’s. The cards should always been on the wrist, not up sleeves or taped down. Penalize for cheating. People should not tackle. You should have a large area (we use the entire church) for this game. Warn the guys not to be too grabby. Since the guys are usually a lot more atheletically inclined, we sometimes make new rules to help the girls, such as the guys must wear two cards and have them both still attached when they steal the girls’ one tag. It’s great fun, but beware of people getting too rough and competitive.