D.I.Y. Cinema

Every once in a while it is worth splashing out on your youth group and a good way to do it is to provide a free cinema in the church. Pick a comfortable sized room and deck the floor with bean bags and large cushions. Set up a projector screen at one end and black out any windows. Hire a video projector (not really that expensive) and have someone on hand to provide coffee, tea, soft drinks, popcorn and nachos (all for FREE). Start the evening with a few simple icebreaker type games, then get the group to vote on a selection of films (rented in advance) and show the one they choose. I would recommend that you keep away from showing any overt Christian content – any unchurched friends the group brings along will benefit from seeing that Christians are people who are also capable of just having fun once in a while. The youth group itself will enjoy having the leaders serve them all evening (i.e. as ushers, serving food, etc.).