Country & Western Night

We once had a country and western dinner night at our church. We dressed the fireside room up in total country garb. In the middle we had a chuck-wagon salad bar, including salad and all the fixins, and a big huge block of cheese. We had several artistic set ups including: old lanterns, saddles, reigns and the like. We used these to make small displays containing country and western flavour. On the floor we laid down poly (plastic) and on top of that we laid 2 by 6 boards covering the whole floor. Ask a local lumberyard if they would donate the wood, you can usually take it back after. On top of the wood we through straw to make it seem as though we were in a bar setting. We had lots of straw bails every where which added to the setting. The tables were small with checkered table cloths, and old chairs. The menu consisted of beef and chicken, only a few different things, which all came with a baked potatoe and salad. Serve whatever drinks are poplular… no beer!!! Have whatever We asked those who came to pay by donation, but we also gave a suggested cost for each meal. The youth set up, served, some cooked, and we all took down. It was a great time and we made major bucks. Make sure its well publicized in country and western looking paper for example.