Ok. This may seem simple (and it is) but it really works! Simply take the cushions off of those lovely-to-look-at couches that everyone has in their youth room. We have about 12 couches and chairs so it is never a problem for us to find some cushions. The idea is to take about half of the cushions and make a wall of sorts. Behind that wall, use the other half (maybe more) of the cushions to provide a landing area.

Participants get a running start and doing flips, dives, or other stunts OVER the pile of “wall” cushions. Points are awarded for:
1) staying alive in one piece
2) best stunt
3) most air
4) most painful landing
5) frestyle
Some things to make sure of: only one person at a time; ensure a clear “runway”; re-stack the landing pile as often as necessary to provide safe landings.

Another modification of this game is to take all the cushions/pillows and put them at the edge of the stage and let the kids jump into them with the same point system. Enjoy…