Cops & Robbers

A wild, moralistic life simulation game. The youth group is divided into two large groups (robber teams) and one small group of cops. The aim of the game is for each group of robbers to get as much loot (wooden clothes pegs) to their ‘bank’ (cardboard box or whatever) as possible.

The pegs are collected one at a time from a leader (ie. no cheating), who puts them on their backs. The kids then have to get them to the bank. They can travel in pairs (back to back) to protect the pegs from other robbers who are allowed to steal them. If the other robbers are caught by the cops, they go to jail where they are held for a few minutes, after having all their pegs taken. Then they have to go back to the issue point to get more pegs.

On the walls of the hall (we played it through a series of rooms in the church), there are four different coloured felt pens hanging on strings. The robbers can increase the value of their pegs by going to these and putting a coloured mark on their pegs on the way to the bank. Eg. a plain peg is worth $100, one with a red mark is worth $300, two different coloured marks is worth $500, three colours is worth $800, and four colours is worth $1000. At the end of whatever time you want, the total in the bank is counted to see which team wins.

The night ends with interviews with several policemen. We asked questions that the kids had written down- ‘Everything you’ve always wanted to ask a policeman” (like “How fast can a police car go?” and “Have you ever shot anyone?”) and finished up with questions relating to being a Christian in the police force, and how they became Christians. Top night!