Come Into My Parlour

Best played in a dark church with lots of hiding places. Let 2 kids hide somewhere. They are the “spiders”. Elect one leader to act as “Parlour”. They wander around and wait in places with a bag of sweets. Rest of group are “flies” and have to wear one of those flimsy paper hats you get out of Christmas crackers.

“Flies” have to find “Parlour” and get rewarded with a sweet each time they find it. Spiders have to jump out on passing flies and tear off their hat. Flies caught have to return to base. If all flies caught, game ends. Other leaders can stop game if it goes on too long. Winner is fly with most sweets AND a hat.

Note: Spiders have to hide, but can change hiding place. They can’t run around like tag.
Be prepared for a lot of screaming.