Colored Snow

This illustration is awesome if you have an area of untouched snow around you meeting place. I began the night by giving the youth ketchup and mustard bottles (the ones you can by for a dollar at the grocery store) filled with water and food colors. Then I allowed them to make “snow art.” I then gathered them together and wrote out the word sin in the snow with red food colored water. Then, I asked them to shout out sins that people commit against God. As they shouted out the sins, I marked the snow with a streak of red until the bottle was emptied and we were left with a red stained area in front of us. I then read from Isaiah 1:18-20 and told them about the saving Grace of God. To finish, I had them kick the white snow over the red stained area to make it white again. Every kick represented a sin or temptation in their own lives that Jesus has forgiven.