Coffee Pot

The idea of this illustration is to show how the things we fill our minds with eventually fill our heart. Using a coffe maker, put coffee in the filter (Mind). Explain that sin never goes directly to our heart, but it must first pass through the filter of our minds.

It is here that we must recognize whether a thought is pleasing to God, or if it needs to be “taken captive,” and discarded. As we continue to think about the sin, it is like the water flowing through the filter down to the coffee pot (Heart). Eventually, the pot will be filled with the essence of what was in the filter.

If we look at pornography, a spirit of lust will take root in our heart. If we continually fill our minds with images of violence and abuse, our heart will eventually become violent. Eventualy we put
action to those things which fill our hearts! On the flip side, if we fill our minds with the things of God, our heart will reflect the

Phillipians 4:8-9