Coffee & Donuts

Things you need
4 Trashbags or something to put over kids to keep them clean
Chocolate syrup
2 Donuts
2 Pitchers (Cool if mounted on a hard hat)
2 coffee like cups
2 3′ pieces of medium to thick rope
Plastic for your floor – THIS IS MESSY

Select 2 Teams of 2 players from your group
Each team has to do the following, of course starting at the same time.

First player stands with Pitcher on Head while second player lays on back on ground with Coffee cup held on the chest.

The First player then pours some Coffee looking substance (Cold coffee is fun cause it stinks) into the cup.

Once the cup is full to some point you have marked with a pen then the two players switch position.

Now with the roles reversed the 2nd player now standing grabs a 3′ rope with a donut attached to the end. Soaks it in the chocolate (Usually by dipping… pouring it on the donut is more fun, but you have to have kids you can trust with messy chocolate)

The donut is then fed to the person laying on the ground via the 3′ rope and of course it gets all over them. Once the donut is all gone the team is done.

First team to complete both tasks wins.

Oh yeah… don’t pull the bag over their head when done… just rip it off of them – the chocolate tends to run back down on them if you lift up the bag.