Clumps is a good game for a lot of people, and it could be used as an icebreaker. This game needs a lot of people. You can play this game indoors on carpet or even a hard surface or it can be played outside on grass (if you’re not afraid of grass stains). First tell everyone to take their shoes off (or leave them on, I prefer having them off). Now, the idea of this game is to be the last two people standing. To do this, you need to get in human clumps! The moderator (or someone who doesn’t want to play) calls out different numbers. Let’s say he calls out 4. Everyone would have to get in groups of four by hugging, grabbing, any way to get into a human clump. People who are not in groups of four, or the “leftovers” are eliminated from the game. Do this until there are two winners.
HAVE FUN! but be careful. People are pulled around in this game so make sure everyone is up to the challenge.