Clue – Additional Details

(Please add the following information onto the Clue game that has already been submitted. This includes a few more details that a lot of people have been asking for and will be helpful. Thanks!)

In each designated room there was a clue about a weapon (object), the room and the suspects. I gave each group of kids a list of the rooms, the objects and the suspects.

I used objects like a hammer, wrench, boot, etc. I hid one object in each room and a clue about the object. The clue was written on a piece of paper that was hidden and said that the object in this room is not the one used to smash the pumpkin. And just one clue said that the object in this room WAS the weapon used.

In each designated room, which were listed on the papers given to the kids, I hid one clue saying that the room they were in was Not the room the pumpkin was smashed. And in the room I chose as the one I just taped pumpkin seeds to the walls. For some of the rooms the clue was that the kids had to go find a specific leader and ask them about the room, this made it more fun for the leaders since we got to hide throughout the church.

I used the kids’ names that were expected to be there that night. I wrote the suspects’ names on slips of paper and divided them among the rooms. I told the kids that the names they found were the kids who did not do it, and of course I did not hide one or two of the names so when the kids eliminated the names off their papers as they found them there would be two names left of who smashed the pumpkin.

All of the clues sound very easy but I used small pieces of paper that I taped throughout the rooms which they had to find with flashlights in the dark. And finding the name Sam on a small piece of paper in a large sanctuary is not easy. 🙂 The kids we work with are 7th & 8th graders so I didn’t make it very easy on them, but the clues can be tapered to the ages of your kids.