Church Feud

Materials: 2 call bells, 1 table

This is an easy version of Family Feud. We use this game to quiz our group on previous lessons.

Divide the group into 2 teams. 1 member from each team approaches the table. If the table is low we have them get on their knees. Hands must be behind their backs.

The youth leader asks them a question such as, “What is the 9th commandment.” The first kid to ring their bell has to answer the question correctly. If their answer is incorrect the other kid gets to try.

Whoever answers correctly receives one point for their team. The kid returns to their team and then the youth leader asks the team a question that relates to lessons from previous weeks.

The team receives 30 seconds to answer the question. We let them use their bibles but 30 seconds is a short amount of time to search through the passages and forces them to work as a team. A correct answer is rewarded with 2 points. If the team fails to answer correctly the other team gets a chance to steal. A successful steal is rewarded with 2 points.

For the one-on-one competition we usually pick a topic for the kids to memorize over the course of the year. Something that can be answered with a few short words. The first year we used the topic of The Ten Commandments and the second year we used the topic of The Books of the New Testament.

Example questions include;
“Thou shalt not murder” (where the answer is the number of the commandment)
“The book before 1 Corinthians” (where the answer is Romans)
“The book after Hebrews” (where the answer is James)