Chocolate Bar Scramble

Great game for groups of 6-10. Place a chocolate bar in the centre of the table. The candy should stay in its wrapper and, to make the game last longer, you could wrap the candy in gift-wrapping paper as well. Each person sitting around the table takes a turn at rolling the dice. The 1st person who rolls a six gets to start eating the candy bar — but only after he puts on a pair of mittens, a cap, a scarf; only after he runs once around the table; and only with a knife and fork. While he is getting ready (according to the instructions above) to eat the candy bar, the group keeps taking turns rolling the dice. If someone rolls a six, then the person who rolled the six before him relinquishes his right to the candy bar, and the 2nd person must try to eat the candy before someone else rolls six. The game is over when the candy bar is finished.