Candy Commandos

This is a twist on a game we used from this site, but adapted for outdoor use.
We use a soccer field, and divide into two teams. There are 4 kids (2 pair) that don’t belong to a team, but do remain on their side of the field. Two of them are equipped with Nerf guns, and the other 2 are their helpers, retrieving darts, and taking candy from “shot” players. There are only two kinds of candy, and it is in a box or bag in each of the goals. We used harder, wrapped candy to avoid melting.
The idea of the game is to get all of the candy from one box into the other, and vice versa. You can only carry two pieces at a time, and if you are shot by a Nerf dart at anytime duing the game, you must sit down and surrender your candy to the helper. The goals are “safe” areas, and the “shooters” can’t enter the smaller box designated for the goalie. Every few minutes, a leader needs to blow a whistle or holler “free!”, so the players that have been “shot” can resume play.