Building Relationship w/Christ

Easy to do, Easy to understand and most of all – impacting to youth.

Once Christ is in our lives, he’s there, but are we using him? Recently when talking with my youth on this subject, I took a 5 foot long clear plastic tube (About 1/2 Diameter).

Put water in it to about half full. I explained to the kids that many things are in are lives and no matter how we move the pieces around, we still have everything in us to deal with. I moved the ends of the tube up and down and showed that the water stays level on both ends (You might want to blow the water out on the kids once or twice… catches their attention).

I then said… lets add Christ into the mix… I added 6 drops of Food Coloring to one end (Red is a good effect color, but blue is more dramatic). I then read some verses, and talked about that when Christ comes in our lives we start a relationship. The kids keep noticing the blue SLOWLY moving through the tube. I then said, lets talk with God… and I started moving the tube ends up and down stirring the water… of course the dye, begins to mix. One side is still clear however.

For my demo, I let it sit like that and did nothing until the next week. Then showed the kids that it had mixed completely… this is what happens. What we need to do is be more interactive with Christ and mix it up quicker.