Have the youth go out, and find people to sponsor them a certain amount per pin. For example, if they were sponsored a penny per pin, and they knock down 200 pins altogether, they get $2.00 from that sponsor. Kids can get as many sponsors as they want, and include information for the sponsors. (What the money is going towards, what the group is doing, and stuff like that).
If everyone could get 10 sponsors for a nickel a pin, and got 200 pins, they could bring in a $100 minus the $5 it takes to play the game. Kids get to benefit from fellowship, as well as raise money for activities.

Have anyone, any age, who wishes to bowl sign up. Have a date set up where you rent a bowling alley for an afternoon so you have use of all the lanes. Hand out manila envelopes with Sponsor Sheets attached. Encourage parents to let their grade schoolers to get sponsors and then set it up so they can “Bumper Bowl” on a lane or two. Have participants get people to sponsor each pin they get down (we bowl 3 games). Have prizes for best scores, worst scores, youngest bowler, oldest bowler, most improved score from game 1 to 3, etc.

Throw in pizza and pop and you have a great party besides. Any age from 5-105 can bowl and get sponsors! Easy way to raise money for your church if you have a small youth group.

To spice it up if you have less than 10 or 15 bowlers, set up a tournament bracket. I set it up to have everyone bowl 2 games for Round 1, and then each Round after that you bowl 1 game per Round. Most people get tired of bowling after 3 games.(People knocked out after Round 1 could still bowl, they just wouldn’t be competing). Have prizes to make it competitive. Great way to raise money that includes little preparation (like meals and other fundraisers do) and involves the young and old! Great way to fellowship with the entire church.