Beautiful Feet

Materials needed: Various colors of washable paints (Tempora or finger paints work well). small paint brushes, small plastic wash tubs (one for each pair or they can share), liquid detergent, washcloths, and towels.

Divide your group into pairs. Have one of each pair sit on a table and the other sit on a chair in front of their partner. Then read Isaiah 52:6-7 and/or Romans 10:13-15. Talk a moment about the importance of speading the Word of God to others, describing various ways of doing so. At some point your group may begin to wonder why they are divided as they are. Say, “Now we are going to have a ‘beautiful feet’ contest.” Have the youth sitting on the tables take off their shoes and socks. Give their partners in the chairs the paints and brushes. Then have the seated youth decorate their partners bare feet with the paint; tops, bottoms, toes, up to their ankles. Those who are extremely ticklish will have a hard time holding still. It is a blast to watch. Have a judge determine who has the most ‘beautiful feet’ and award prizes.

Then read John 13:3-5 and 12-15, emphasizing verse 15. (The youth will begin to get the picture real quick.) Then give the seated partners each a small wash tub with warm water, a squirt of detergent, a washcloth and towel. Then… well you get the idea. The seated partners may get a kick out of painting their partners feet, but they may not be as anxious to wash them afterward.
You could talk about how Jesus washes us clean of our sin by His being a servant to us.

This is a cool activity/ice breaker to do with a group (the larger the better) that know each other fairly well (at least by sight and name).

If you have a petition of some sort (or you can get leaders to hold up a long blanket, as long as the students cannot be seen) get all but one student (this student should know everyone’s names) to go to the other side of the petition and take off their shoes and socks. The group should line up along the petition with only their feet being seen under the petition. The lone student on the other side must now guess which feet belong to which individuals (by tapping the person’s foot and saying their name). They keep going until they get everyone.

Then the leader can start talking about Romans 10:15
“And how can they preach unless they are sent? As it is written, ‘How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!'”

Tell the students how they all have beautiful feet
and go into telling them about being witnesses etc…