Beach Egg Rolling

Materials needed: 2 quart jars or large plastic tumblers, 2 dozen eggs, beach with designated area to play game. Divide into teams and line up directly behind each other. One person (generally an adult) for each team will sit in sand approx. 15′ away from the start line, holding cup or jar level on the sand. Place one egg at start line, at signal, first person gets on hands and knees and begins rolling the egg along with face, cheek, lips, nose – anything from the head up but NO hands… object is to roll egg into the jar or cup being held at “finish” line. Each person on team gets their own egg… have paper towels and trash bag handy – eggs have a tendancy to “crack” when too much pressure is applied! When an egg breaks, lay another one down beside it and let the player continue on towards the “finish” cup or jar. First team to get all their eggs into the cup or jar wins. This is great when done on a public beach!! The spectators enjoy it and do a wonderful job cheering the teams on!