Balloon Volleyball

This game is played using four rows of chairs. Place the chairs with two rows back to back in the middle, rows 2&3 and the other two rows on the outside facing in spaced far enough that the players feet almost reach the middle players feet, rows 1&4. Rows 1 & 3 are on one team and rows 2&4 are on the other team. The score keeper tosses an inflated balloon over the two middle rows to start the game. The team that hits the balloon over the other team gets the point. You are not allowed to get up out of your seat.

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There are three rows of chairs, all back to back. all the chairs facing one way are on a team and the chair facing the other side are on a team. You will need a trash can for each end. Fill three or four balloons with a little water (for weight). Toss a balloon “into the crowd”. teams try to pass the balloon to each other without the other team intercepting. the teams try to get the balloon into the trash can. whoever is playing cannot sit up from their chair, or the other team gets a free throw.