Amazing Mobsters – Doctor Variation

This is a lengthy variant, but if you enjoyed the original, trust me it is worth the time to read.  
Doctor Variant
Choose a certain card to represent the town Doctor.  Each time that the Town “Sleeps” the facilitator of the game can ask the Doctor only to raise his/her head.  The facilitator, asks the doctor which person that he/she would like to protect from the mob.  Secretly the doctor picks one person in the group.  The facilitator tells the doctor to put his/her head down, then tells the mob to raise their heads and eliminate someone.  The next day, when the facilitator anounces who was eliminated, if that person is the same as the person that was protected from the doctor, then nobody is eliminated instead the facilitator anounces that the doctor saved a townsperson in the middle of the night.  This is a good variant to play with the Sherrif Variant so that if the sheriff’s identity is found out, then the doctor can protect him, however, that will leave the townspeople more vulnerable.