Airplane Blitz with a Twist

(7 minute activity-a twist on the Paper Airplane Blitz) Bring a stack of copier paper and have the kids write their names, and something significant on the paper, like a favorite verse, prayer request, or something they learned at a recent youth event. They can write another one on another piece of paper (or several). Then let the kids make paper airplanes out of these. Then you need some way to clearly divide the room in half. (The taller the divider the better.) A couch works, but even better was a rolling chalk board. Put half the kids on each side of the divider. Put half the paper airplanes on each side of the divider. Explain that they can only throw ONE plane at a time and they must stop when the leader says “Stop”. Say “Go”. They throw the airplanes over the divider as fast as they can. Planes are flying in both directions. Let them go about 3 minutes. Give them a ten second warning and then say “stop”. Count the airplanes on each side of the divider. The team with the least number of planes wins. (Maybe repeat it a number of times, keeping track of the wins to get the ‘Champions’.) THEN: Have each person pick up an airplane and read the name and the testimony on the piece of paper (or read the verse, or take the request home and pray for them that week). A funnier variation: Throw loose socks, put the requests on slips of paper in the socks.