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Parts of the Body (of Christ)

This one makes a good Ice Breaker type game to warm them up, but you can also give a little Biblical application at the end if you choose: What You’ll Need: You will need to make a pretty good stack of cardboard cutout cards with the name of the common body parts written on both sides of them: Elbow, Knee, Forehead, Ear, Nose, Ankle , Etc. making the one side different from the other. Make enough for about 5-6 max per every two students,…

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Hold a deck of cards face down and have each person take a card without peeking at it. As soon as everyone has a card have them hold their cards up so everybody can see it (including them). Explain that they must tell the group something about themselves (that nobody would know). If there number is 2, they must say two things about themselves (if 3, three things, and so on). Face cards are counted as Eleven and Aces are worth Twelve! This is a…

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Train Wreck 2

This game is a great ice breaker type game and the group loves it. They beg me to play it regularly. It can be played with anywhere from 10-40 people. The only materials you need are enough chairs for each player less one and a list of questions. Put the chairs in a circle and everyone takes a seat. Except the person who is it. he or she stands in the middle and you ask “it” a question about him/herself. It can be as harmless as…

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You Walley!

This game is great as a ice breaker or the beginning of a holiday roundup. You will need a big container with bright decorations on it and the words “You Walley” on the front. Inside the container you collect as many items as you think fit in it, using all sorts of shapes and sizes. The object of the game is to see how many someone you select can hold without dropping any. When he or she drops an item you all shout YOU WALLEY!!! We…

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Youth Business Cards

Have business cards printed up for your youth church/group. Then go to a local mall or hang out and give them out having your kids invite other youth to attend your service(s). After they get used to approaching strangers teach them how to witness and use the invitation as an ice breaker with the youth. We have been doing this for about a year and have led over 50 youth to the Lord. Definitely use them before your next “big event.”…

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