Indoor Youth Group Games

Bannana Eating Caterpillars

We play this all the time with our students and they absolutely eat it up…no pun intended. This game can be played just about anywhere, and requires clear plastic wrap, bannanas, plates, and sissors (to cut the students out of the plastic wrap). We usually start by grouping students into small groups (groups of 3 or 4 are best, but we have used much larger groups too). One student is chosen to be the caterpillar and the others are given the responsibility of wrapping their caterpillars with clear plastic wrap (Make sure that they are wrapped tightly with the wrap going OVER the shoulders all the way to the ankles several times). One box of plastic wrap is given to each group and on the signal teams race to wrap their caterpillar shoulders to ankles with feet together. The caterpillars are then placed on their belly, crawl across the room and eat a bannana. First team to wrap their caterpillar and eat their bannana wins.
[Ed. Note: Make sure the participant is not standing unattended when he/she is being wrapped up. If they fall down, they can’t protect themselves. Do the legs last!]

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Barnyard Cacaphony

Divide the group into groups of two, three, or four. Assign an animal to each group (Horse, cow, sheep, rooster, etc.) Blindfold everybody, and spread them to different parts of a large room (like a gymnasium). At your signal, each group member must find each other based only on the noise that particular animal makes. It is hilarious listening to the vocal bedlam as people stunble around crowing, barking, etc. As each group meets up, they can remove their blindfolds. Keep the game going until the last group is the only one left. Everyone else gets a kick out of watching the others.

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Baskets and Books

Our church receives several phone books each year that we do not use. In this game you will be using those phone books.
You will need a trashcan and a phone book. Divide your group into teams (3-4 per team is best). One team member from each team holds their trash basket behind a line that that is about 8 feet away from their team members. Have the trash basket holders separate themselves a bit. The other team members are given a phone book. On your mark of “go”, the team members with the phone book start tearing out pages, wadding them into balls, and try to throw them into their team’s basket. After 60 seconds, the team with the most paper wads in their basket wins. You could even have a play-off. Take the top 2 teams and have them compete against each other.
You knew there had to be something you could do with all those extra phone books!

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Bat Ball

This game is a blast! You are going to have to get a few things for it. You need some blow up bats, like something you would buy at a baseball game, and a few bouncy balls.

In a room, set up two goals with anything (chairs work well). Set apart the group into two teams and give everyone a bat, except each team’s goalie. THE GOALIE CANNOT USE HIS HANDS!

Then throw the balls in scattered places and watch the kids try to hit the ball into the goal with their bats. It’s a lot of fun!

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Battle Pong

Depending on your group this game can be rough. Needs to be played in a room of decent size. You will need 6 to 10 ping pong paddles, a nerf sponge ball (golf ball sized), and two small or normal sized trash cans. Split groups into teams of 3 to 5.

The game is a mix of hockey and soccer with a twist. They must constantly keep the ball on their paddle without the use of their free hand they can pass do whatever is need to score in the trash cans. However if the ball falls to the ground it is a free ball they can not pick up the ball but must continue to hit with the paddles until it is hit out of bounds or one team scores. Again depending on your group set some guidelines to the roughness of play. You can allow some checking of the person with the ball but also keep that in check. If hand ball or unnecessary roughness is called there should be a 1 min penalty for the player who touched the ball or committed the foul therefore giving the other team a powerplay chance to score.

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Battle Ships

This is like the board Game ‘Battle ships’ where you have to try and sink all the opposing team’s boats. First, you need a divider of sorts, about the height or a volleyball net or higher, so that each side cannot see the other (eg. a rope tied at each side of the hall and a large sheet draped over it or big boards put up in between).
Next, have each side find a spot where they are not allowed to move from. When the game starts, each side is given a ball and then proceeds to try and hit the other team with the ‘bomb shells'(balls).
If someone is hit with the ball, catch it or moves from their spot, then they sit to the side until the game is over.
Note: each side needs people (runners) to fetch the ball once it has bounced and give it back to the Ships.
God bless and good sailing.

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Bean Game

This is an “all-nighter” game, perfect for lock-ins, etc. As kids arrive, each one is given a bag of 10 pinto beans. After all kids have arrived and everyone has their beans, announce the “special” word for the night (I used the word “NO”). Explain that if anyone says the special word at any time throughout the night, that individual must pay 1 bean to anyone else who hears it said. This game ROCKS and can go on for hours!! Our kids had a blast with it. Watch out though for those “tight-wads” who won’t pay-up! The kid with the most beans at the end of the night (or designated time period) wins game. Too cool.

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Beanbag Red Rover

This game came out of desperation during our AWANA JV/Varsity meeting, but turned out to be a big hit with the kids.
Divide group into two teams, lined up shoulder to shoulder facing the opposite team, about 30 feet apart. Place a table longways between the teams, plastic top tables work well because they’re slippery. The first player on each team should be lined up with the table.
Decide which team will go first, then have the first player throw a bean bag and try to get it to stay on the table. If it stays on the table, they get to select a player from the opposite team to join their team. After throwing, whether the bean bag stays on the table or not, the player goes to the end of the line and everyone else moves up. Player selected to join the opposite team goes to the end of that line.
Continue alternating between the two teams, and enjoy the fun, until there’s no one left on one team. I stayed in the middle and retrieved the beanbags to save time and keep from having the kids run back and forth. Some of the parents even joined in when they saw how much fun the kids were having.

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This is great as an ice-breaker. Could be played outdoors if you wish.

Basically, you get people wandering around, you may want to make they hop about or skip, then the leader shouts out a type of bean and they have to do the actions:

Chillie Bean – Shiver like you’re cold
Jumping Bean – Jump up and down
Broad Bean – Squat down and up
Runner Bean – Run around
Kidney Bean – Laugh until your sides split
Baked Bean – Fall to the floor
Heinz Bean – Spin around

[Ed. Note: Not quite sure how this games ends, but perhaps like “Knight, Mount, Cavalier” or a similar game where the last person to do the action is out of the game and play continues until one person is left…?] Read more

Beat The Guru

Designate someone to be the “Guru” (or master, or superstar, whatever name you like best), personally I think it works best when the Guru is an adult leader. Then take volunteers of challengers who will attempt to “beat the guru” and some minor tasks (stand on one foot the longest, trashketball, catch more popcorns in your mouth, tic tac toe on the marker board, etc). If they can beat the guru in the task, then can win a little treat.

A variation: Beat the Guru: Casino Style
Same game as above, except give each student a cup or baggie of M&M’s or Skittles, and before they challenge the guru, make them make a wager of candies. If they bet 5 candies and they win, they get 5 more. If they lose, they must pay up!

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