Scavanger Hunts

Easter Egg Hunt for Teens

I usually work with teenagers, so I took a childhood idea, and made it a little more difficult for the older kids.

This took a lot of preparation, and you will need a concordance.

I gave each teen a scripture to start with. They had to read the scripture and find a hint in the scripture as to where the next egg would be, which would contain the next scripture, etc. I used places inside and outside the church. The concordance will help find a scipture to use for whatever may be around your church. I also put a piece of candy in some of the eggs, along with the scripture.

The hard part was giving each kid a different starting place. I listed all the scriptures several times on a piece of paper, and moved down one line with each new starting scripture. So they were all in the same order, but one group was behind another in the search. It helped keep them from getting bunched up. I had them all end together though, which just takes a little thinking about where to send them last. Each church can customize this. I used one color egg for each group. That way they didn’t get someone else’s message. And we knew who had skipped an egg by what was left around. Most of the kids really enjoyed this. Hope yours does too.

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Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Hide Easter eggs all over town. Put different things in each Easter egg.

For example.

• X-box winner & other prizes
• clues to other eggs
• candy
• etc.

Every egg found by a team is a point for them. Individuals on the team who find the egg get to keep whatever prize is in it. Teams must be back at the church by the allotted time or they will lose.

As leaders hide eggs around town, write clues as to where they are. They must be general in nature so as to give the teams a general idea of where to look but not give away the exact location of the egg.

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Ecological Scavenger Hunt

Good activity for get-togethers at a beach or picnic/park area. Give the kids a list of items which must be found on the ground. Taking from garbage cans is not allowed! Points are awarded for each item and there is no limit for the amount of items retrieved. Also, bonus points for the most different items on the list are awarded. For example, if anyone brings in at least one of every item on the list, he might get a bonus of 100 points. If he brings back 7 different items, 70 points could be awarded.
Sample items: 1.) Candy wrapper 2.) Aluminum beverage can 3.) Plastic fork 4.) Paper cup 5.) Gum wrapper 6.) Pop or beer bottle, etc, etc.

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Famous Word / Place Video Scavenger Hunt

Divide your group in 2 teams. Each team heads out with an adult, a Digital Camera, some money, and the list below. Set an hour time limit when they will return and share their pictures with the group. Set up a way to project the pictures so everyone can easily see them.

Remind your groups to be polite! BEFORE they do any activity explain what they are doing to store employees and that there may be another group coming around asking to do the same thing… if they haven’t already.

Take a Picture of… (video optional)

  • Group & stranger inside McDonald’s doing the song "Da, Da, Da, Da, Da… I’m Lovin’ It!"
  • Group outside a pizza place pretending to hold a pizza saying, “Pizza, Pizza”
  • Group in Wal-Mart standing by a Timex Watch case and pointing to their pretend watch saying, “It takes a licking and keeps on ticking”. This was an old ad slogan from the 1960’s.
  • 2 people from the group in front of video store reenacting “Luke, I am your Father” from Star Wars.
  • Our group with as many waitresses/waiters you can get at Applebee’s singing their birthday song.
  • Group member inside KFC flapping their “wings” (elbows out – thumbs tucked under arm pits) making chicken sounds then saying “Unthink what you thought about KFC”.
  • Someone inside Wendy’s who can remember the 1980s commercial “Where’s the beef?” and say “Where’s the beef?” as a group.
  • Group inside Home Depot by the batteries pretending to be the Energizer Bunny (drumming & sunglasses help) saying “Nothing outlasts the Energizer. It keeps going and going and going…”
  • Group & stranger inside Burger King singing the 1970s song “Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce, special orders won’t upset us, all we ask is that you let use serve it your way. Have it your way, have it your way! Have it your way at Burger King.”
  • Group at bank singing “F R E E that spells free credit report dot com baby”.
  • Group & stranger in K-Mart pointing to a “Blue Light Special” sign.
  • 4 from our group lying on a bed at a furniture store counting the Serta Mattress Sheep.
  • Group inside grocery store holding a gallon of milk saying “Got Milk?”
  • Group & stranger inside Quiznos saying “The Toasty makes it Tasty” – say it like you mean it!
  • Group & stranger inside Taco Bell singing “It’s all about the Roosevelt’s baby”.
  • Group working together to make a Christian symbol with their bodies in the grass in front of our church.
  • A group member being a greeter at Wal-Mart or other store with greeters – make sure to ask the regular greeter first!
  • A group member eating a Jimmy Johns pickle inside the restaurant.
  • The group helping someone fold their laundry at a laundramat.
  • The group and a police officer singing the theme to COPS “Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you?”
  • Group & employee inside a Chinese restaurant holding Chop Sticks – be polite.
  • A SMALL team member being pushed in a Pet Supplies Plus shopping cart.
  • The whole group inside one car at a new or used car lot – make sure to ask first and be careful!
  • The group making a human pyramid in front of the library saying “Reading is FUNdamental!”
  • Group inside Rite-Aid with a bottle of Pepto-Bismol doing the song and motions from commercial “Nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea”.
  • 2 people in front of Cinema reenacting the line “Run Forrest, run!” from Forrest Gump.
  • Group outside Arby’s saying “I’m thinking Arby’s” with the thinker pose.
  • Group inside store holding a Dora the Explorer toy saying “Swiper no swiping!”
  • Group inside Wal-Mart holding a jar of Smuckers Jelly with everyone saying their slogan, “With a name like Smuckers… it has to be good”
  • Group flexing muscles In front of Recruiting Office or Armory Building saying, “Be all that you can be”.
  • Group with a mouth FULL of M&M’s saying “Melts in your mouth, not in your hands.”
  • Group at grocery store holding a box of Frosted Flakes saying “They’re great!”
  • Group & employee inside any Subway with big smile saying “Eat Fresh”
  • Group & stranger inside McDonalds singing the Whopper Song, “Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun.”
  • Group inside store holding a Band-Aid box singing “I am stuck on Band-Aid brand ‘cuz Band-Aid’s stuck on me! I am stuck on Brand-Aid brand cuz germs don’t stick on me! Cuz they hold on tight no matter what on fingers, toes, and knees. I am stuck on Band-Aid brand cuz Band-Aid helps heal me!”
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Find Your Own Party

Honestly, this idea derived from an overwhelming schedule and lack of planning. Nevertheless, they had a great time and it turned out to be a lot of fun.

We announced a Bar-b-Que and games afternoon for all the youth and told them it would cost $3. When everyone arrived we divided them up into groups and gave them a list of things they had to “scavenger” to find. Knocking on doors, visiting stores, however, they could not spend more than their $3 per person.

The lists that I gave the them were actually the items we needed for the bar-b-que, including charcoal, appetizers, condements, hot dogs, burgers, buns, side dishes, desserts and game gear.

When everyone arrived back to our starting point, we had everything that I had not had time to get together. We then had a great bar-b-que and played some fantastic games that they had come up with!

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Fishers of Men

This is a scavenger hunt with a twist.

I made a list of things to collect within a certain amount of time by 3 groups of kids. Each group had an adult who drove their vehicle up and down the streets in which the kids were walking in order to monitor them. The list included an aluminum can, an oak leaf, an old shoelace, a round stone (the group with the roundest one got an extra point), A page from a newspaper that was dated from yesterday, a flower (wild or tame but it must be real), a signature from an employee on duty at the local restaurant, etc……

Each item received a point.

Rules: Do not take anything from people’s yards without permission. Only two people from the group may go into the restaurant to get the signature (this cut down on them creating a chaos in the restaurant and disrupting the diners who were eating), Let the little ones of the group help participate, make them feel involved. You must have an adult within sight and earshot at all times. Anyone who didn’t abide by the rules were buckled into the adult’s vehicle and weren’t allowed to participate for the rest of the game.

The purpose of the game…….Matthew 4:19 says..” Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.” Jesus wants us to go out and find people who don’t know the Lord and to tell them about Jesus. How hard was it to find all of the items on the list? Did you get tired walking up and down the streets and hills looking for all of the items. Did you find every single item on the list? Jesus wants us to keep going, never stop trying to tell others the good news. What if the items you were trying to find and bring back to the church were people? What kind of talking and persuading would you have to do to convince them to come with you and hear about Jesus? Jesus used all kinds of people to TELL others about God. He wanted all kinds of different people to HEAR about God. Just because we got tired tonight and we had a hard time finding all of the items doesn’t mean our work is done. The game is over. But our telling others about Jesus is just starting. We should be continuing to tell others about Jesus for as long as we live. Whether we are tired or not.

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Flip Flop Scavenger Hunt

Split the teens into small groups. Give each group a flip flop and a list of clues. Each clue leads to a specific item. Once the team finds that item they measure it with the flip flop. For example here’s a clue I used at camp. “If we’re making s’mores we’re probably sitting around this…” They groups would be led to the campfire and measure the fire pit area (make sure it’s cooled off!). The first group back with the answers and flop measurements win!

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Food Bank Scavenger Hunt

Contact an organization that helps people in your community (e.g. foodbank, drop-in centre for homeless people). Ask what kinds of things they need (e.g. bars of soap, disposable razors for clients’ use; particular foods–e.g. prepared/canned). From this, create a list of items that groups must “scavenge” (by going door to door). Divide the group into groups of 4-5. If you can, cover an area (say, around your church) on foot. If you wish to cover a wider area, make this a car rally. Give groups a specific amount of time–an hour–to collect as many of the items on their list as possible. Set ground rules to ensure group members’ safety (e.g. travel in pairs, no “racing” that might endanger anyone). After an hour, gather back at the church. Enjoy refreshments and see which team had the most luck scavenging things on their list. Invite someone from the organization to come to talk about how the items will be used (the purpose of their organization) and to thank the youth.
Tip: Ask the organization you are collecting items for to give the youth brochures about the work their organization does. These can be given out to the homes which participate in the scavenger hunt by donating an item. This will also help if anyone questions the youth about their motives.

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Works like a normal treasure hunt, but with a twist! The clues are photographs. At the starting place, each team receives a photograph (maybe photocopied if clear enough). The photo is the first clue location and the group must identify that location by looking at the picture. Difficulty of figuring them out is up to you. Each group should be traveling by car (plan ahead). 5-10 clues will suffice. The group that arrives at the final destination first is the winner. *** My twist: Give each group an envelope with the final destination if they don’t get there before a specific time. You may then serve refreshments and perhaps have a study / talk at that time at a nice locale.

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Generation Gap Hunt

In a effort to close or bridge the generation gap that exists at our church, we have a scavenger hunt that encourages the youth and adults to interact with one another.

I ask twenty-five adults to share one interesting fact about themselves. We have heard all types of things: someone struck by lighting, someone who was in a television commercial, someone who traveled to Florida to see the space shuttle launch. I then compile a list of these facts. Once the youth discovers the person who told me about themselves, the person signs next to their fact.

We announce the scavenger hunt to the congregation so everyone will understand what is going on. The youth must approach the adults and say, “Hello, my name is _______. One intersting fact about myself is…” and tell them something about themselves. “Would you share an interesting fact about yourself with me?” The adult then signs the list next to their interesting fact.

We usually allow two Sundays for this event. On the third Sunday, I post the winners and the names of the adults and their facts in the Sunday bulletin.

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