Scavanger Hunts

Carol Hunt

A video camera is needed for each team or carload. This game works best if done at night, during the Christmas season.
Goal – get as many Christmas carols on tape within a time limit (30 minutes)
The idea is to tape the group, or a portion of the group singing a line or 2 of a Christmas carol with the appropriate Christmas lights in the background. (ie – A Santa in a yard with the group singing, “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa…”) You can only use one house per carol and you receive one point for each carol.
After the time limit go back to church or a home and show the videos while countng carols.

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Cemetery Scavenger Hunt

Make sure to get permission and notify all the proper authorities in advance of this activity. We used this at least twice with great results. Divide your whole group into smaller groups of 3 – 4 each (mix the “scaredy-cats” with the “bravehearts”), with one adult chaparone per group. In advance of this night-time activity, gather information from a chosen cemetery (such as oldest headstone, youngest/oldest person in the cemetery, most unusual name, name most like your own, most unusual epitaph, someone born on your birthday, etc. Just use your own imagination), and then compile a list of about 25 items to be placed onto paper to be handed out to each participant in each group. Make sure that each person has a good flashlight, a pencil, and wears old clothes. Depending on the size of your group and the size of the cemetery, this activity could easily last at least an hour and a half.

Remember—whatever questions are on the list (and they should all be identical, but listed in different order for each group), the leader or youth director must know all the answers to the questions before the hunt begins. At the end of the pre-determined time limit (stick to it!), bring the whole group back to the starting place (preferably still outside), give them some refreshments, and begin your discussion about death and dying. Many young people have never been to a funeral, a cemetery, have not experienced death in their family, nor do they really relish the idea of talking about these things, but this activity will give an excellent opportunity to talk about this “appointment” called death and how one can prepare for it, in advance of course.

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Christian Scavenger Hunt

We divide into two teams, then give them a list with a few things on it like this:
1) Find a hill that looks the most like Calvary, then gather at the foot of it and sing “Were you there when they crucified my Lord” (or any song the kids know)
2) Go to public restaurant and sing “Go tell it on the mountain” (or any song the kids know)
3) Go to public shopping center and tell 20 people in 10 seconds “Merry Christmas, Jesus is the reason for the season” (did that at Christmas time)
4) Go to a rest home and share a personal testimony with an elderly person. *** BONUS: Find someone in need and help them!
We give each team a camcorder to record all their things. Then we watch the tapes at the next youth group and judge on the original and creative way they did things.

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Christians Everywhere

It is good for youth to realize there are other Christians who are involved in other churches. Divide youth into groups of 6-8. Have each group be scavengers in different parts of the town. (With adult supervision) Each group has to receive the following items from homes they visit. No more than one item can be obtained from a home.

Church Bulletin.
Christian Bookmark.
Daily devotional booklet.
Church Newsletter.
Bible Verse. (May be written out for them.)
Offering envelope.
Missionary newsletter.
A weekly lesson from a Sunday School Class.
Newspaper ad/article of a local church.
Other Christian stuff.

If you want to add some other items you may do so. Kids have fun and realize there is a large Christian community outside the walls of their church.

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Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt

This is a fun activity for the youth meeting before Christmas. I break my group in to small carloads and give them a list of holiday decorations. Examples, a sleigh with all eight reindeers, a nativity with three wise men, Mickey Mouse, a display with only green and red lights. Try and use ideas that you’ve seen around. I also like to say “worst holiday decorations ever” that’s subjective but the youths think its fun. Each team is given a digital camera or video camera to take pictures for “proof.” The group to find the most wins.

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Church A – Z

This hunt can be played with any number of kids. Split the kids up into teams and their assignment is to gather items from around the church in sequence that begin with each letter of the alphabet. Once the kids find an item they bring it back to a main area, once the items are in the main area they cannot be returned or exchanged. The team scores a point if they have an item that the other team has not collected. The losing team has to put away all the items that were collected.

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City Wide Scavenger Hunt

This is a great event to bring as many church’s youth groups in a town together as possible.

Basic rules:
1)Up to 4 kids on a team.
2)Jr. and Sr. high are separate
3)$10 dollar entrance fee per team ($5 to prize pot, $5 to cost)
4)All laws must be followed (no stealing, speeding, etc…)
5)Sr. high may use vehicles driven by a team member or parent only.
6)Jr. high may use non-motorized transportation only.
7)Team members must stay together at all times.
8)All items must be in and counted before the time limit is up!!(we have a 2hr limit)
9)If any of the rules are broken it will result in an immediate disqualification!!!

Make a list of around 150-200 items and give a points value to each item depending on its difficulty in finding. Examples: a blue crayon 3pts, a live horse 100 pts. Get a creative as you want. If you want to have a copy of the list I made up feel free to e-mail me at
It’s a good idea to have a rule of what ever they bring in must be immediately taken out. It is also a good idea to have as many volunteers helping as possible and advise the kids to check in throughout the time period.
I also went around to area businesses to get donations for door prizes. I was able to get movie tickets, mini golf passes, video rentals, a ton of free fast food and pizza coupons and much more.
We also contact the police to let them know what was happening so they wouldn’t worry when they saw teen’s running around with hoses and milking machines.

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Count by Numbers

This is an individual competition.
Provide each competitor with something to write on and with.
Have everyone count as high as they can using objects found within the playing area. The object is to get the longest continuous stream of numbers by the end of your time limit. I recommend that you set your limit no more than 30 mins to start.
Players may take numbers from anywhere but only one number from each location. For instance: the 1 from a clock is the only number that can be taken from THAT clock & a 17 on a UPC bar code is the only number that can be taken from that specific product. However, a participant might take numbers from several different soda cans.
See how creative the players can get. Page 74 from a book; 58 by combining buttons on a phone; 95 from the 1957 date on a gravestone.

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Crazy Creative Scavenger Hunt

Give each team a list of crazy names and the kids have to go out and collect items they think best fits the name on the list. For example: 1.) APBJ 2.) Zipper zapping shoestring fuse 3.) Idaho 4.) Tweed 5.) Snail Egg 6.) Chicken Lips 7.) Will be 8.) Snipe 9.) Yellow Grot Grabber 10.) Portable Electric Door Knob Kneele.
A panel of judges can determine the winners based on each team’s explanation of how their items fit the various descriptions in the list.

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Dollar Night At The Mall

This one is requested again and again — especially by the girls! Divide the group into groups of 3-4 and give each group $1. The object of the hunt is to purchase as many items as possible at the mall for under $1.
The group must have a receipt for each item, and there can be no two items the same. For example: a person might get a dead cricket from the pet store for a nickel, one jelly bean for a penny, etc. Catch is that they have to get a receipt. After a set amount of time (45 minutes is good), all teams meet at a designated spot in the mall. The groups show their purchases, receipts, and change to an impartial judge, and the winner declared. The winner is determined as the group with the most purchases for their money, and the entire dollar must be used. It’s fun!

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