Scavanger Hunts

Trash Hunt

Divide into 3-5 groups. Give them a list of house items like…. toothbrush, comb, shirt, and shorts!
Give them a hour to go door to door and ask for stuff they don’t want. After a hour tell them to come to the chruch and then count up the items and see who has the most items on the list, and who ever has the most wins!!!

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What’s Your Sign?

All you need for this is a digital camera.
Sometime before your event you will need to drive around your community taking pictures of signs. The number of signs used will determine the length of time. Then download the pictures and print them off (4-6 pictures per page). Select any word from each sign and white it out. Then make enough copies for each team and they must drive around town, find the correct sign and fill in the missing word. Have a meeting point arranged and the first team back with the correct words filled in wins.
You can use adult drivers, or come up with an idea for “detering” the youth from speeding. Then have some refreshments to follow.

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Minding the Mall

This hunt is great for cold winter days when you can’t get out much. Split the kids up into any number of teams. Each team is given a list of “word plays” that indicate a store in the mall. (ie. 1/100 of a dollar. Answer: JC Pennys or A patriotic bird. Answer: American Eagle) You can make up your own “word plays” depending on the stores in the mall. Each team is given the same list of “word plays”, but in a different order so they can’t follow another team around the mall, the stores must be done in the order on the list. We had an adult leader go with each team to keep them honest. Once the team determines what they think the store is they have to go to the store and collect something from the store that has the store name on it. (ie. a bag, a business card, etc) The kids must ask one of the store clerks for the item and they must have the store cleck sign that item. There is nothing to be purchased, the item must be free of charge.
Team with the most correct answers (items) is the winner. In case of a tie the first team back is the winner. Once the hunt was completed we hit the mall ice cream shop for a cool treat.

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Polaroid Scavenger Hunt

Divide kids into teams of 5 or 6. Each team gets a camera and 2 packs of film (can be costly so get a deal somewhere). Allow for a couple of hours of daylight for good photos. Each team has a list of what to look for (Cars may be needed – plan ahead). Points are awarded for difficulty, the team with the most points wins. Teams leave church/parking lot at the same time with camera, film an older member to take picture and supervise. At least 5 members of the team must be identifiable in the picture.
Examples of photos to be taken… a.) hanging by knees from a tree. b.) Inside a police car with a policeman. c.) In a bath tub. d.) collecting candy while “trick of treating” e.) 3 members of the team in a dryer at a laundromat.

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Mall Scavenger Hunt

Prepare a list before hand of several items found in the mall. Make it a variety such as a 1 carat diamond ring and a Hershey’s chocolate bar. Have 10-15 different items. Break up into teams of 3-4 and give each team a copy of the list. They are then given 30 minutes to find all the items on the list for the cheapest price. Have them record the price and store for each item and meet back in the food court to compare notes. The team that spends the least for all items is the winner.

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Scripture Scavenger Hunt

Look up Scriptures that contain the objects you would like the kids to find. Give them a list of several verses and then they have to look up the verses decide on an object in the verse that they can locate for the scavenger hunt. You may use this activity with the younger and older kids–Let the older kids who can read find and read the verses and the younger kids to find the
Example:Psalms 18:2″ The Lord is my Rock, My fortress and my deliverer, my God is my rock in whom I take refuge. He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. ”
The object is a rock–but be prepared they may find another word in the verse. So have a list of the verses to except other objects in the verse.

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Blue Gnu – Mall Hunt Variation

You get people the kids won’t recognize and get them to walk around the mall wearing a piece of clothing that matches the colour of their secret name (Blue Gnu, Yellow Yak, Pink Penquin, etc). The kids have to collect the signature of each character.

However, they can only say “Are you the ?”. They can’t go around explaining how it’s part of a game and need to know if the person is the .

It’s also best to set a time limit and avoid HUGE malls.

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Signature Scavenger Hunt

I first learned this from my mom who would use it for our Family Reunions. It is a great way to get the kids/teens moving around, and even to involve the adults, and help everyone get to know each other.

To start:
Come up with a list of fun facts about people in your church. For example: Someone who has been on vacation to the Bahamas; Someone who has 5 (five) pets at home; Someone who has served in the military…

Using Microsoft Word (tends to be easier for me), create a table, and put each fact in each box. Leave space for a signature.
Here’s the deal, no one can sign twice (unless you’re desperately short of people), and you can’t sign your own paper. The first one with all the spaces filled in, wins.

Like I said, we’ve used this at family reunions, and I’m actually preparing this activity for my teen group. It’s a great way to learn about people you might not otherwise talk to. Also, with the fun facts, make sure you include things about people in all age groups if you are using this with the entire church!

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Restaurant Madness

This can be done on a Sunday night after church. Have a list of items that can be picked up from some of your local restaurants. Divide the group up into equal teams and then give them your list. Here is an example list: Napkin from McDonalds, French Fry from Burger King, Cup from Wendy’s, Pizza Box from Pizza Hut, A spoon from Applebee’s, Tooth Pick from Sonic, Salt Shaker from Chili’s. You can come up with your own list depending on what restaurants are in your own town. Use as much diversity as you can. Have the teams to meet back at your house or the church for build your own sundae. Remember to include one adult per vehicle to avoid speeding, cheating, and recklessness. Good Luck.

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Pizza Scavenger Hunt

This is a fun way to spend a night. The kids split into groups, and each group gets a pizza crust with pizza sauce. The groups split up and go door to door asking for toppings, and at the last house you need to get your pizza cooked. Once your pizza is done, you meet back at the church and everyone must eat at least one piece of their own pizza. The best pizzas have at least 5 toppings and no more than 8. This is a great way to get your youth group known in the neighbourhood and the kids love it!

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