Scavanger Hunts

Misc Scavenger Hunt Ideas

As soon as the Scavenge starts we have (“x amount of time” … I suggest approx. 2 hrs. ) to leave, do as much as possible and return to the starting point. For each minute a group is late, there is a four point deduction.

> All transactions and scavenging must be done a minimum of one mile outside the starting point. (Residents within this range are excluded from being used for valid points.)
> Driving must be done at a reasonable and safe speed!!!
> Driving will be done by one designated adult driver.

As best as possible. Points must be verifiable by video tape.

Every challenge or item can only be done once for points, unless other specified by the word “each” after the point designation: I.E.: Orange Marshmallows are “30 points each.”

If you are allowed to repeat an action, you may be limited to repeat the action a specified number of times: I.E. “limit 5 times.”
Please note that the ENTIRE team must complete several said actions. A team cannot split up for the challenges unless specified or it is otherwise clearly unreasonable for the entire team to participate.
Section 1 (a) — Retrieval
Rules: >You must have proper permission to take/buy said item.
>You or your team are responsible to return or take home the said item. It will not be left at the starting point.
>Colored items are to be mostly the specified color.
>Disputable concerns will be judged by the team judges/drivers.

A). 15 points: Bring back one raw green bean.
B). 20 points: Bring back one Braille menu (must have proper permission).
C). 20 points: For the smallest stuffed animal returned.
D). 20 points: Bring back a pig (no live ones please — use your imaginations).
E). 20 points: Bring back 10 green marbles (Must be dominantly green).
F). 70 Points: In a small, undamaged paper cup, bring back a cup full of couch fuzz, dust bunnies, naval lint, sock fuzz, pocket fuzz, etc from a house(s).
G). 5 points ea: Bring back some whole chunks of old chewing gum — must be crusty. Limit: 5 ea. (Color of green is worth 15 points — for up to 2 ea, then all others count 5pts.)
H). 10 Points: Bring back a Haloween Napkin.
I). 35 points: Bring back a Wheat penny.
J). 20 points: Bring back this spice in it’s properly labeled shaker: Coriander.
K). 25 points: Bring back a blue gumball from a gumball machine.
L). 10 points: For each watergun brought back. Water gun must be smaller than 1.5 feet in any measurement. (Such does not include glasses/cups/plastic bottles for water. The water gun must be a plastic manufacutred watergun specifically made by a company for that purpose.) NOTE: No water-guns inside anybody’s house. This is only for when we come back to the river area and only at the appropriate time. Unwise use will result in a loss of points to your team or temporary confiscation of your water weapon.
M). 35 points: Bring back some prepared green jello.
N). 40 points: Bring back a batman yo-yo
O). 20 points: Bring back a yellow submarine.

Section 1 (b) Person Retrieval:
Must have their permission. No images, photos or representations are allowed.
100 points ea: Bring back a person who was not at the starting point to begin with.
For every person added to your group, there is a 5 point addition per additional person/per challenge to every challenge in which they participate. NOTE: Bring someone who is in the age range of our group and/or won’t mind staying for the incredible worship time after we scavange. As long as they show up and stay for most of the worship time, your team will receive the full 100 pts. Otherwise, they will only be worth 25.

Section 2 — Challenges.
1) 15 points: Video a fork in a flowing creek. (difficult to video at night)

2) 40 points: 1: For the time you travel, keep your radio tuned to a Christian station, OR…
2: Keep the Christian music flowing through tapes or CD’s. Have the music at an audible level at minimum, — except when praying, etc.

3) 30 points: The whole group must try some type of food from/in a store or restaurant that no one from the entire group has ever tried. (deli may give samples.)

4) 60 points: Video a dog peeing on a tire.

5) 25 points: Video a group member petting a baby goat or lamb.

6) 25 points ea: Create a card for someone (either by your personal design or on a create-a-card machine. (ie: Your pastor, someone’s grandma, youth leaders, ministers, shut-ins, etc.
7) 10 Have someone give you a guided tour of their back yard.

8) 70 points: Go to a fast food restaurant, and with at least 1 employee from the establishment, the entire team must do the Macarena or a Broadway high-kick for at least 15 seconds. (Serving suggestion: Do the High-kick to something like “Hello my baby, hello my darlin’ hello my ragtime gal…”)

9) 15 points: Feed some fish inside a aquarium.

10) 35 points each: Sing to and/or pray with an elderly shut-in, church leader or pastor or to those at a retirement home or nursing facility. Be sure to tell them how much you appreciate them. Stay for at least 5 minutes per visit. NOTE: I suggest you visit fairly early in the scavenge time. It’s also good to call first. (P.S. If you meet another group in a home, then visit together!) Limit 4.

11) 25 points: Have someone give you a guided tour of their freezer.

12) 15 points: Cameraman: video another video camera taping you for at least 5 seconds. (Security cameras okay).

13) 25 points: For at least 15 seconds, the whole group must dry their left socks in a laundry-mat dryer.

14) 10 points each: Tastefully invite someone outside any scavenge team to church with you. Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit here! Limit 5.

15) 35 Points: With proper permission from parent/guardian: Interview a person 2-6 years of age on some current global news event: Interview must last at least 20 seconds.

16) 35 Points: Within a business establishment, under the obvious influence of helium, at least one member of your group must interview someone who will not be returning to the Starting point. (Serving Suggestion: discuss a strange topic: ie: rising costs of catfood) Interview must be at least 20 seconds long.
17) 35 Points each: Have a prayer time while traveling or anytime during the scavenge time. Suggestions: Pray for people in the area, sick, the unsaved people around, public officials, your unsaved friends, your church(s), etc. Pray for upcoming ministry events. Also, pray specifically for the safety of all the scavenger groups as they travel and scavenge. Also, pray for God’s heart for upcoming worship time. (You may leave the camera on or off, whichever you wish). Pray at least 30 seconds. Limit 4 (for points).

18) 15 Points: A team member must play Patty-Cake with an animal (live, non-human) for at least 15 seconds (Don’t try this with any strange, large, teethed animals or any who happen to be foaming at the mouth. The animal may have the assistance of another human in playing Patty-Cake.)

19) 70 Points: Along with at least one other person who will not be returning with you to the starting point, have the whole group blow bubbles. Each person in the group must have a bubble in the air (one blown by that individual) at the same time. Video the time from the first bubble is blown to the time that each person has their bubble in the air — each bubble counted must be in view of the camera.

20) 35 Points: The whole group must have a 15 second conversation with
A) a four-legged non-human animal physically more than 4 feet tall. This can be done from a distance of approx 50 feet or less. OR…
B) A large statue of some type (ie: Ronald McDonald Statue or Morris the Horse in Tryon)
(15 points extra for at least one person from your team proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ towards or near the animal or statue for at least 15 extra seconds.)

21) 35 Points: At someone’s house, team member(s) must ride in/on/upon some sort of wheeled toy [tri-cycle, bicycle, wagon, etc.] At least two laps must be made around the house. For more fun, switch out the members per lap… or have a race. Be careful!!! Please do not damage anyone’s toys or yourselves.

22) 15 Points each person (limit: up to 9 people): Slice a whole lemon into equal pieces. Each person participating must bite down into their slice and hold in the teeth for at least 3 seconds. Be sure to video! Limit one slice per person. Limit: one lemon.

23) 10 Points ea. can or food item (limit 15): Bring back some canned food items for the local food bank ministry. (okay to leave these at the starting point or church).

24) 25 Points: The whole group must feed some ducks for at least 20 seconds.

25) 10 Points: The whole group does a “nuggie” or backrub or backscratch circle for at least 15 seconds.

26) 15 Points: Go through a fast food drive-thru and order something really silly (ie: 2 packs of salt or one and a half napkins or duck sauce or a straw or fried snails, etc) Do this with your best impersonation of Forest Gump, Carl (Slingblade) or Nell (the movie “Nell”), Scooby, Shaggy, Darth Vader, etc. One or many group members can participate.

27) 15 Points: Jesus was amazed by something, what was it? (Hint : Matthew) ___________________.

28) 30 Points: Video acquiring a smiley faced balloon that was once a display model!!

29) 15 Points: Complete the verse: Create in me a clean heart, oh God,…(Hint: Psalms)________________


25) 25 points:
(I always leave blank spaces for the addition of any great ideas that the group might come up with at the orientation session)

26) 15 points: Entire team plays hackey-sack with a real hackey-sack for at least 20 seconds.

27) 35 points: Video the whole team singing and doing the Hokie Pokie in a grocery store. (Participate for at least 15 seconds.)

28) 50 points: In a public establishment, with proper permission from the manager, over the intercom: the entire group sings a song with great joy. I.e.: We wish you a merry Christmas, Pharaoh-Pharaoh or a birthday tune, a few lines of some old TV show: Gilligan’s Isle, The Bradey Bunch, The Flintstones, etc. Must use entire group, must last 10 seconds or more.

29) 30 Points: Video your whole team standing in a tent.

30) 50 points: As you scavenge, each team member wears any (at least one – in any order, of any type) of the following apparel items: (use discretion when wearing in a home): Each member of the entire team wears: sunglasses or hat (remove for prayer time, and any other appropriate time) or neckties (the real thing). The more unique the better. This will be verified by video!

31) 45 Points: Have the whole group involved in a video commercial clip where the intent of the commercial is to sell a product that is really stupid, such as: air, water, dirt, money, etc). Each team member must participate in the clip in some way (interviewer, interviewee, sound/lighting effect, testimony, etc.) The clip must be at least 20 seconds long.

32) 35 Points: Video your whole group in a VW beetle. Must have owner’s permission.

33) 15 Points: Test someone’s smoke detector.

34) 10 Points ea: Go to a house, the whole team will “Trick or Treat!” Limit 3. (5 extra points ea. for each time the whole team gets candy.)

35) 20 points ea: (limit 4ea for points) Representative(s) from your group tell(s) someone outside the scavange groups about what God is doing in your life. (Must last at least 20 seconds)

36) 30 points: Video a team member picking up litter clearly in front of an “Adopt-a-Highway sign.” THIS LITTER MUST NOT BE PLANTED! Be sure to add your comment to the video.

37) 50 points: Video a team member sitting on a Santa’s lap (Santa may not be played by a scavenge team member), telling Santa what they want for Christmas. NOTE: Santa must be bearded with a white beard (for a beard… paper, shaving cream, cool whip, etc: all okay), wearing a red coat, apparently fat (pillow okay) and wearing a red Christmas hat.

38) 35 points: Inside a store, the whole group does 2 rounds of Duck-Duck-Goose. (Must last at least 15 seconds.)

39) 30 points: Video the whole team building a people pyramid and doing a cheer for their team.

Be careful and safe while you have fun!!

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Reverse Scavenger Hunt

Because my kids were not very Bible literate, I came up with the following “reverse” scavenger hunt.

Split up into teams (4-5 per team). Each team is given their first clue which is the text for a particular Bible verse (without the Book, chapter & verse). For example, the first text might be “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son…” The teams then have to find the text in their bibles and come show me. I then give them a hint to the location of their next clue, which is another bible text. I use familiar verses and stories, and assign 10 points to each clue. If they get stumped, they can “buy” hints with points. The team with the fewest points at the end of the game makes snack for the group.

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6 meeting scavenger hunt

We used a six week scavenger hunt that had a weekly prize and a grand prize for our kids. The kids loved it and we wanted to share it since we put a lot of work into it. I hope this comes out lined up ok. Some items are parish specific but can be easily changed.

Points / Items / Frequency
5 1 point each with a max of 5 points -Pantry Items – Non Perishable food(Dry food, can goods, etc.) for St. Vincent DePaul Society – Person who brings in most each meeting will receive an additional 1 point Every Meeting
5 For each youth brought to youth group that has never been to this youth group before Every Meeting
5 1 point each with a max of 5 points – Baby Items (New or Used) for 1st way life center. Baby clothes sized newborn to 2T, Onesies, Booties, Tights, hats, socks, receiving blankets, burp cloths, bibs, crib sheets, changing pads, hooded towels, bottles, diapers, wipes, formula, baby food, cereal, shampoo, lotion, diaper rash cream, etc.- Person who brings in most each meeting will receive an additional 1 point Every Meeting
5 Attend 1 Daily Mass Monday through Saturday each week between youth group meetings. Dated signature from priest, Deacon or youth group leader needed for credit. (Class masses do not count) Every Meeting
2 Letter of appreciation to FMIJ signed by Youth Group Member Sealed in envelope, stamped and addressed.(Limit 1 per FMIJ and only 2 per meeting) Every Meeting
2 Spare change for St. Vincent DePaul Society. Any amount of change will get points. Person who brings in the most each week will receive an additional 1 point Every Meeting
2 Pop Tops for cancer research- Person who brings in most each meeting will receive an additional 1 point Every Meeting
2 Your own creative idea for a scavenger hunt item Every Meeting
2 quote a bible scripture from memory 1 verse but must know book chapter and verse (Can not do same verse each meeting) Every Meeting
2 Call someone from youth group who was at last meeting to encourage them to come to next meeting Has to be a different person each meeting it can never repeat Every Meeting
2 3 facts you find interesting about Saint “Different Saint Each Meeting” Every Meeting
2 Box top/Campbell Soup labels for St. Margaret’s School. Person who brings in the most each week will receive an additional 1 point Every Meeting
2 Attend Youth Group Meeting Every Meeting
10 Attend Holy Hour “All Holy Hours before next meeting listed for points” First Meeting
5 Bring in a baby picture of yourself First Meeting
2 Find out Father Cal’s middle name – from St. Margaret An extra point if you can get him to give you a signature with his COMPLETE name First Meeting
2 3 Bandanas, handkerchiefs, or cloth napkins First Meeting
10 Attend Pro Life Procession on October 16th Second Meeting
2 How many Sacraments has Father Allen(From St. Margaret’s) received and what are they? Second Meeting
2 Favorite Saint from everyone’s “Favorite things” List (You can call and ask them if you do not remember) Second Meeting
2 Say the Gifts of the Holy Spirit from memory Second Meeting
2 Submit a name for our youth group to call ourselves (Be Creative!!) Second Meeting
1 Bring in a Rosary Second Meeting
2 What is Deacon Bob’s Patron Saint? – from St. Margaret Third Meeting
3 Say the Fruits of the Holy Spirit from memory Third Meeting
1 A picture of St. Peter’s in Rome + 1 each for the 4 major Basilicas Third Meeting
1 Relic of a saint Third Meeting
1 The words of 2 hymns always sung at benediction Third Meeting
1 The title, year, director of your favorite religious movie Third Meeting
2 Lion of Judah Prayer Community Leaders – or if no interenet access you will need to ask Fr. Allen for help Third Meeting
10 Help a Shut-In Day – Saturday We cleaned up their yard from fall Third Meeting
2 What is the Book and Verses of when Gabriel visits Mary and tells her she is having Jesus. Third Meeting
2 A Vatican coin or postage stamp Fourth Meeting
2 A Latin/English Mass Missal Fourth Meeting
2 A chapel Veil Fourth Meeting
1 A Sacred Heart Auto League Magnet Fourth Meeting
1 A Saint Christopher Auto Plaque, Statue or Magnet Fourth Meeting
2 How many pets does Deacon Mike have and what are their names? Fourth Meeting
1 – 5 Children’s books for St. Vincent DePaul. 1 point each max 5 points, 1 extra point for who brings in the most Fourth Meeting
5 A Written story of what you like best about youth group Fifth Meeting
5 Write your own prayer, that has not been published, or recited by a deacon or priest yet. Fifth Meeting
2 What is Father Allen’s favorite TV show Fifth Meeting
2 Name the 7 deadly sins and their counterpart virtues from memory Fifth Meeting
1 Name the 4 Theological and 3 Cardinal virtues from memory Fifth Meeting
1 A Mass Card to have a Mass said for someone Fifth Meeting
2 Name 5 apparitions of Our Lady (Mary) Fifth Meeting
5 Ask any deacon of St. Margaret’s to tell you do something crazy at next youth group meeting and do it Sixth Meeting
5 Attend Christmas Caroling with Youth Group Sixth Meeting
5 We did the name before BUT come up with a name for our youth group AND make a creative sign on a 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. One of the names will become official and if yours is picked, you get an extra point. All kids and core team will vote on it. If you can not think of a name but you are creative, call Mr. Fleming and ask him for a name. Sixth Meeting
2 Button Hole Puzzle intact without shirt (1 – point if still on shirt) Sixth Meeting
2 16 Books of Bible Puzzle Sixth Meeting
5 Attend Holy Hour January 1st Sixth Meeting
5 List Book, Chapter and verse where each of the joyful mysteries can be found Sixth Meeting
5 Bible scavenger hunt 3 = 1 point, 6 = 2 points, 9 = 3 points, 12 = 4 points, 17(all) = 5 points Sixth Meeting
10 Recite Books of Old Testament from memory- If one is wrong you can try again following meeting Due By Last Meeting (Given out at first meeting)
10 Signature of all members on St. Margaret’s Parish Council Due By Last Meeting (Given out at first meeting)
10 Design and write up a game, complete with rules, for the youth group (indoor or outdoor) to play. Has to be your own creation of a new game or a known game with a twist. (Examples: Beach Ball Volleyball, bible verse tag) Due By Last Meeting (Given out at first meeting)
5 Recite books of New Testament from memory- If one is wrong you can try again following meeting Due By Last Meeting (Given out at first meeting)
2 A picture of 3 people doing the “Hear No Evil, See no Evil, Speak no Evil thing” Due By Last Meeting (Given out at first meeting)
5 Say the 20 mysteries of the Rosary in order from memory Due By Last Meeting (Given out at first meeting)
3 Current Officers with Names and offices/titles of all Knights of Columbus at St. Margaret’s Due By Last Meeting (Given out at first meeting)
3 Current Officers with Names and offices/titles of all Legion of Mary’s at St. Margaret’s Due By Last Meeting (Given out at first meeting)
3 Evidence of a personal visit to a monastery (Picture, Receipt from gift shop, etc) Due By Last Meeting (Given out at first meeting)
3 Evidence of a personal visit to a shrine Due By Last Meeting (Given out at first meeting)
3 A picture or statue of our lady of Fatima and written story Due By Last Meeting (Given out at first meeting)
2 A picture of an officer of the law (+2 if you can get him to flash the Peace Sign) Due By Last Meeting (Given out at first meeting)
2 Picture of yourself doing something GOOFY !!! Be Creative !!! Due By Last Meeting (Given out at first meeting)
2 A Picture of a person with an apple on their head Due By Last Meeting (Given out at first meeting)
2 An out of date bumper sticker (Picture or actual sticker) Due By Last Meeting (Given out at first meeting)
2 Name all apostles from memory Due By Last Meeting (Given out at first meeting)
2 Picture and autograph of you with your parish priest Due By Last Meeting (Given out at first meeting)
2 A picture of Bishop Galante +1 if autographed Due By Last Meeting (Given out at first meeting)
2 Picture of the oldest Catholic Church in the Camden Diocese Due By Last Meeting (Given out at first meeting)
2 Your picture in front of a statue of a father or doctor of the church Due By Last Meeting (Given out at first meeting)
1 A picture of yourself at your Baptism and first communion 1 each Due By Last Meeting (Given out at first meeting)

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Dollar Night At The Mall

This one is requested again and again — especially by the girls! Divide the group into groups of 3-4 and give each group $1. The object of the hunt is to purchase as many items as possible at the mall for under $1.
The group must have a receipt for each item, and there can be no two items the same. For example: a person might get a dead cricket from the pet store for a nickel, one jelly bean for a penny, etc. Catch is that they have to get a receipt. After a set amount of time (45 minutes is good), all teams meet at a designated spot in the mall. The groups show their purchases, receipts, and change to an impartial judge, and the winner declared. The winner is determined as the group with the most purchases for their money, and the entire dollar must be used. It’s fun!

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Nature Scavenger Hunt

We took the youth group to a state park for a nature scavenger hunt this fall. We had made a list of about 50 different things that might be found along the nature trails, such as red leaf, bird’s nest, wildflowers, fossils, etc. We listed everything from flowers to caterpillars and fish. Be creative. We put them into teams and sent them out – the leaders made one team. At the designated time, we met back to tally points. You can either do one point for each item or make the harder items be worth more points. We had Christian T-shirts for each winning team member and pens for the second place team. The kids had a blast!

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Misc Scavenger Hunt Ideas 2

Here’s some more scavenge ideas…

16) 40 points: Interview a shopper inside food store who is not a part
of any of the other teams and who was not at starting point when we
started. Ask them to name every type of pet they have ever had and what their names were, what toothpaste they use and why, and what has brought them out to the store. Be polite!

19) 20 Points: Have your whole team fit into one closet in someone’s
house for 30 seconds. If the closet has a door, you must close it. If it doesn’t, just remain confined to the closet space.

20) 35 Points: The whole team must carry on a 2 minute conversation with the (town monument). For an extra 25 points, proclaim the gospel
of Jesus Christ to it for 20 seconds. DO NOT TOUCH, MOVE, DEFACE, DEBODY, OR DE-ANYTHING
to it!!

21) 15 Points: Jesus was amazed by something, what was it? (Lint : M)

22) 30 Points: Go to a Sheriff or Police station, finding at least one
uniformed officer, tell the officer(s) that their service and sacrifice are appreciated. A gift or card of some TASTEFUL kind would be a nice touch and worth an extra 10 points. You also get 30 extra points if you have prayer with an officer(s) or inside the establishment, praying for such things as: the county, city, state, officers, their families and people in need. Prayer time must be at least 30 seconds in length. You may have the camera either on or off during prayer time. *Note: Please be serious when you do this. Please.*

23) 15 Points: Complete: Trust in the Lord, and he shall….. (Lint:

24) 15 points: Every member of the group must come up with code names
for one another. List them below.


25) 25 points: Order one medium combination drink (a little of all the
drinks they have on fountain put into that one cup) from a restaurant
drive thru with your best Darth Vader impersonation. Also order as many straws as there are people in your team. Then park the car in one of the parking spaces at the restaurant, set the drink somewhere safe, get out of the car and run around it (all of you in the same direction) while each of you rub your heads and do your best Curly “Woo! Woo!Woo!” impersonation. Then you all must each drink the drink at the same time with the straws.

26) 15 points: Make up a 20 second dance called “The Funky Chicken”, and then do it in front of a security camera somewhere.

27) 20 points: The entire team must stand in a circle without shoes.
Each person must vacuum the feet of the person to their left.

28) 2 points each: Tell a stranger or friend “Merry Christmas”. Limit 10.

29) 50 points : You must video a fashion show in someone’s home that is at least 60 seconds in length. Each team member must wear an article of clothing that is opposite their gender (Guys wear something feminine, girls wear something masculine). You must have a runway area to stroll through in front of a judge/ commentator who will make on camera comments just as in a real fashion show. You get an extra 15 points if the judges are 3 people not on list, and you get an extra 10 points if you have appropriate background music.

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Pizza Scavenger Hunt – Add-On

We used the idea from this site for a pizza scavenger hunt. It was awesome! We handed out thank you cards from the youth group at the homes of folks who gave the kids pizza toppings. We then used Matthew 7:7-12 for our lesson. Since the kids saw the generosity of complete strangers on the scavenger hunt, it was easy to talk about how God’s love is even MORE abundant and generous!

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Basics of Scavenger Hunts


The primary goal of a scavenger hunt is to send participants out with a list of things to find, obtain, photograph, videotape, audio record, etc. The hope is that while they are working together as a team, relationships will be developed.

Publicity Opportunity

Make invitations to your church, business, or organization and give them to everyone who participates or that interacts with the groups in some way. Or create a small thank you card with your contact information. Participants can give a thank you card to everyone who helps them. Even better, invite them to a party or slideshow where the results will be displayed.

Preparing Item Lists

Lists can be as creative and wild as you want them to be. Design your list around a theme or concept:

Ecological, Bible Objects, Occupations, Food, Canned Goods, Prices of items, Animal Tracks, footprints, Photos at History Locations, People, sounds, clothing, church members, Camp Supplies, Items for the needy, recycled materials, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, New Year, Halloween, Noah’s Ark Party, old family photos, fruits, vegetables, widgets, Posed Photos, Video, etc.

Protecting Participants

1. Don’t let any youth drive – put adults in charge and don’t allow horseplay on the roads like “Chinese fire drills”. Make sure everyone wears seatbelts or take major points away if they are caught on film without them on. You could also conduct the scavenger hunt on foot. You don’t want a participant killed while speeding during your scavenger hunts.

2. Participants must obey all laws and instructions from sponsors.

3. Limit the play area and place people at strategic locations if needed to insure the safety of participants.

4. Make sure each group has a mobile phone and contact numbers for emergency.


1. Set a specific point value for each item on the list.

2. Have a point penalty for each minute late to the final destination or to report back with the items.

3. For Video or photo scavenger hunts, give extra points to groups for having a company, organization, or church logo in every picture. You could also require a Bible, a mascot, or some other object in each picture. Some groups have even been known to have to carry a large teddy bear or other object ( a couch) around to be in each picture.

4. Award extra points for having everyone in the group as part of the photo or video.

Planning the Scavenger Hunt – 10 Steps

1. PURPOSE: What is the purpose of your scavenger hunt. (Is it an icebreaker? For team building? Just for fun?)

2. TYPE: What type of scavenger hunt is it? (Is it to collect objects? a photo scavenger hunt? A video scavenger hunt? A sound scavenger hunt? Others?)

3. THEME: What is the theme? (Is it a Pirate’s Treasure Hunt? a Superhero Hunt? Aladin’s Magic Carpet Hunt? Others?)

4. LOCATION: Where will the hunt take place? What are the boundaries? (Is it limited to a school or church building? The downtown area? Walking distance? Reconnoiter the location to determine potential problems. Get permission in advance from affected businesses and individuals.)

5. ITEM LIST: What items do participants need to collect? (Based on your purpose, type of hunt, and theme, make a list of items that can be found in the specified boundaries. Are subsitutions allowed?)

6. SCORING: How will points be allocated? (Are some items worth more than others? Are there points for creativity and quality?)

7. INVITATIONS: Who will be invited to the join in the Scavenger Hunt? (What do they need to bring? What do they need to wear? Tailor the invitations to your theme.)

8. TEAMS: How will participants be divided into teams?

9. RULES: What are the rules? (Take into consideration the safety of participants as well as minimizing potential problems.)

10. AWARDS: Determine the location and the time for the awards party. (How will teams present their items to the judges?)

More Ideas?

You can get ideas for specific scavenger hunts from

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Ecological Scavenger Hunt

Good activity for get-togethers at a beach or picnic/park area. Give the kids a list of items which must be found on the ground. Taking from garbage cans is not allowed! Points are awarded for each item and there is no limit for the amount of items retrieved. Also, bonus points for the most different items on the list are awarded. For example, if anyone brings in at least one of every item on the list, he might get a bonus of 100 points. If he brings back 7 different items, 70 points could be awarded.
Sample items: 1.) Candy wrapper 2.) Aluminum beverage can 3.) Plastic fork 4.) Paper cup 5.) Gum wrapper 6.) Pop or beer bottle, etc, etc.

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Video Scavenger Additions

Do not film unnecessary footage! We want to watch all of the videos when we return and that will not be possible if they are too long!
(We sent each team out with enough money to cover the cost of the various items on their list. We found that the ideal number of kids for each team was six. We used ideas from and made up some additions. We invited the parents to come at the time the kids were due back. They enjoyed watching the videos with us. It was funnier than watching the Three Stooges!)

25 points – Have one team member explain and demonstrate a “skin the cat” on the monkey bars.

25 points – Video a team member scoring a goal (basketball, soccer, field goal.) Must use a real ball.

20 points each – Video team members playing jump rope while reciting a jumping rhyme. To receive the additional points, each time, it must be a different team member and a different rhyme.

50 points – Video your entire team inside your car while going through a carwash.

25 points – At someone’s house, a team member must demonstrate and teach us how to wash a load of laundry. We’d like “dos and don’ts” please.

25 points – Standing in front of a restaurant, a team member explains why this restaurant’s food and service is better than the restaurant down the road. At least 25 seconds. Give “convincing” examples.

50-150 points – Create a “music video”. Points will be awarded by the “judges” according to the quality of the music video.

25 points – Stage a minor accident. DON’T DO ANYTHING DANGEROUS!

25 points – Video entire team cleaning someone’s bathroom and explaining proper cleaning methods.

25 points – Video each team member explaining what “the bomb” means. A variety of meanings is best-try not to agree on the definition.

50 points – We also used money we raised with a fundraiser to go to the dollar store and fill a stocking with gifts for someone of their gender and age (one for each team) for a local ministry.

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