Parent & Teen

Family Picnic

Have a family picnic for the youth group and their families. Have each family pack a picnic and meet at a park or a place large enough for everyone. If there is a lake nearby have a family fishing tournament. Don’t forget to check the weather before you plan.

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For Parents Only

Have youth put on a Parents-Only Car Wash. Schedule a Sunday afternoon to hold the carwash at your church. One week before the car wash, have kids create car wash coupons and deliver them to their parents. Then on the day of the wash, have kids wash any parent’s car who brings in the coupon. Don’t take any donations. Let this be an opportunity for kids to give something to their parents – no strings attached.

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God’s Word For Students

Version: God’s Word
Publisher: World Bible

Life is the final exam. Fortunately, it’s open book. This Bible includes a very easy-to-read translation along with 365 daily devotions written by 24 top youth workers across the U.S., hundreds of life-track notes — short topical studies that relate to a passage, a one-year Bible reading plan, and an index of devotions and life-track notes, book introductions, and much more. Perfect for the young Christian at any level.

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Hot Spots

Have parents and kids get to know each other better by including a “Hot Spot” column in your church or youth newsletter. In each newsletter, feature a biographical sketch of one young person and one parent. Group members can volunteer to be reporters and interview each “Hot Spot” person. Reporters can ask about unusual hobbies, dreams for the future, and one thing the featured people would like to tell their parents (or children). In addition to being a fun feature, these columns will help kids and parents understand each other better.

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Life App. Bible For Students

Version: NKJV or Living
Publisher: Tyndale House

The Life Application Bible For Students includes Moral Dilemma notes that utilize real-life situations and biblical guidance, Megathemes that relate significant book themes to everyday life, Ultimage Issue notes addressing tough questions such as “Does God Exist?”, personal testimonies by students who explain how they applied the Scripture to difficult situations in their lives, and numerous life application notes, profiles on important biblical characters. Great for the studious Christian looking for gobs of information.

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Message Remix 2.0 Hardcover

Message Remix 2.0 Hardcover
By: Eugene H. Peterson
ISBN: 1600060021

The Message Remix 2.0 is packed with a variety of features ideal for
students and youth pastors. This latest version of the best selling Message
Remix is 20% thinner than its predecessor and includes expanded book
introductions, a topical concordance of student related material and
reference resources with maps and charts. As always, the Remix includes the
exclusive Message numbering system.

* 20% thinner than the original
* Expanded introductions to each book of the Bible including unique
information about the author and events in world history
* New topical concordance of issues students face every day
* Fresh new binding styles, textures and colors selected by hundreds of
high school and college students from across the country.
* Charts that explain the chronological order of the Old Testament and
New Testament books.
* Five new handcrafted maps
* Exclusive Message verse numbering system
* 7″ x 5.25″
* 1856 pages
* Hardcover

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New Student Bible

Version: NIV
Publisher: Zondervan

Includes a three-track reading plan, overview of each book of the Bible, Highlights and Insights (in-text notes and articles), student subject guide, and a Where to Find It page. Good for the more mature Christian who doesn’t need all of the extra study notes, devotions, etc.

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One Minute Bible 4 Students

Version: Living
Publisher: Garborg’s

Divides the Bible into daily readings throughout the year, coupled with commentary written by youth pastor and author Doug Fields. The title, look, and feel are all very “youthy.” Excellent for new Christians and those you have difficulty getting to read anything.

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Parent / Teen Bowl

I am going to be putting on a Father & Son pigskin tournament this Father’s Day. After church on a Sunday afternoon in June, I invite the fathers to play flag football. Parents against teens, or if you want teens and parents combined. Either way it keeps them active (something very important for guys) and gives them time to spend alone. At half time, have a speaker deliver the positives on the Father-Son relationship. Then make the connection of our relationship with Christ. Maybe if finances allow, bring in a pro? Either way the goal is for unity and growth between fathers and sons!

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Parent-Teenager Covenant

Plan a parent-teen meeting on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. Contact a local counselling centre. Ask for them to provide a guest speaker and resources for the meeting. First meet with parents and teens together and listen to the speaker. Then separate the youth and the parents. Each group gets a sheet of paper and pencil. Have each group write a covenant that covers two areas:
1.) What is considered a bad choice (i.e.: riding in car driven by drunk friend)
2.) What consequences should occur if a teen makes a bad choice (i.e.: not allowed to see friend for 1 month)
Gather parents and kids, compare the 2 versions and reach a compromise. Make copies of the covenant and give one to each family. Have all family members sign their covenant as a symbol of making responsible choices concerning alcohol and drugs. Then have a Teen-Parent Covenant, complete with consequences if a parent used alcohol or drugs.

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