Outreach & Witnessing

Weekly Outreach Event

Christ had a balanced ministry. At times He taught the disciples, mentoring them. Other times, he would teach to the multitudes. We seek to have that same balance between discipling and reaching out. To do this, we have a weekly outreach event called YAK (Youth Activities Knight). It is extremely low-maintenance and yet high impact.

You tell your kids up front that it is an evening designed for their unchurched friends, with only a short devotion. The teens bring snacks, drinks, and friends. All you have to do is provide the program. We usually do stupid games, $5 challenges, dumb songs, snack time, a crazy rendition of Craig Kilborn’s 5 Questions with questions like “Who is cuter? ET or Yoda?” Then at the end of the evening, a short devo and snack time takes place. It’s awesome because it gives your teens an open opportunity to bring their friends to a comfortable environment, plus it’s low maintenance for you. Your sponsors love it too, because they just get to have fun, laugh with the teens, and spend time getting to know them better. Our youth group has grown ever since we instated this program.

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Youth Video Ministry

I came up with the idea that youth groups and their churches could run a small film club or ministry. In that, the kids would shoot, direct, act, edit, etc., they’re own films. This would be a great learning experience for them and would make their youth group more fun, exciting and meaningful. It would also help the kids connect with the rest of the church when they show their movie to their church, and also when other church members help in the making of their movie. The movies that the kids would make would of course be Christian movies that would help edify the church and preach the Gospel, the eternal message of Jesus! Youths could make documentaries, dramas, action/adventure movies, worship videos and much more. It could reach out to so many people and be used for many different things. The films could be used for fundraising, community outreaches, mission trips, documenting church activities such as retreats, or even interviewing different church members for they’re testimonies of how they came to know God. The uses and advantages for starting a film or video ministry with young people is endless. Also, the cost for such an undertaking is quite low. An inexpensive camcorder and a simple editing system is all one needs to start the ministry. For more info check out Warriors of Truth at http://www.geocities.com/~warrioroftruth or email me at warrioroftruth@webtv.net.

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