Outreach & Witnessing

Adopt A Highway

Many highways invite groups to adopt a stretch of road and come out to pick up litter. Make this a quarterly event at least. Give prizes away to those who collect the most trash. Recycle what you can.

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Have the youth search out and “adopt” a full phone booth (one that is enclosed). Have them stock it with gospel tracts and maintain it by keeping trash cleared out of it. Have surprise inspections and reward the youth who have the cleanest and best stocked booth. This is a good introductory form of evangelism.

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Anyone Seen the Christ Child?

Around Christmas time, the youth or church bible studies get together and make cookie bags, or any gifts of such. Then go around to your local Fire-Stations, Emergency rooms, etc., and present the gift to them, and ask them “Have You seen the Christ Child?” and share with then the story of the candy cane or the Christmas story, and share about your church’s ministries. It’s a very effective and positive outreach.

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Band Practice Room

On a certain day in the week (maybe Saturday afternoons) open up your youth room as a free band practice room for Christian and non-Christian bands (use your common sense here as to what you think is acceptable in a Church). We have our own PA equipment that we let the young people use and we let some of them use our amps, mics and drums etc. Have some of your Christian young people around to serve and to love the young people that have come in – set up the sound for them, give them drinks, print out songs for them. This has proved very successful in our youth group and has already built links with many non-Christian young people and served as a way to share the Gospel with them!

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Barn Party

All you need to do is find a barn/warehouse in/around your community and ask for permission to use. Then you can find a local band to play at the event(or like we have done a local christian radio) and bring out food and play some games like Capture the Flag and other “war” games that will get teenagers pumped up.

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Bicycle Trip

The youth and some adults get together and set up a youth bicycle trip. You look at different mission sites (places that need to hear a word from God, such as camping sites.) And the youth drive up to a specific location and then bike back home. On the way home they stop at the different places. And at these places they meet to worship with the campers. They provide a speaker such as a youth leader at our church They also sing and do skits.

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Blessing with Blankets

Around October when the weather is getting colder tell the youth you will be doing a blanket drive. The week before you go out and collect hand out cards telling the people in your area that you will be coming around collecting blankets. You can also join with area businesses and put up flyers and drop off boxes. This is also a great PR thing so it is easy to advertise with local TV and Radio stations.

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Bottled Water Outreach

For times in which you wish to involve your youth group in a ministry to the people in your community you can add this idea to your list of things to do.

On a day that is particularly hot go out and purchase a few cases of bottled water (Popsicles are another idea… make sure they’re frozen, though) and a couple bags of ice, and then place them in a some ice chests.

Choose a way to get your youth group name or church name on the ice chests for people to see. You can simply place it on a piece of paper taped to its front or let the students in your youth group find a creative way to display it.

Then, choose an area to visit in your community where large groups of people migrate to and/or participate in different sports or other physical activities. Some such places might include a skate park, or other community park/gathering place.

Once you have chosen and made it to your location have your students get into groups of three or more and give them a certain amount of time to offer and hand out the cooled water bottles to those in the park.

Make sure to give your students ideas of what to say to curious people who might offer them questions concerning their gesture of kindness.

Overall, this is great way for the teens of your group to get involved in sharing the love of Christ through their actions.

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Boxed In

We were preparing our youth group to attend a service project to homeless children in our city. In order to raise awareness of the plight of the homeless we collected several cardboard boxes (refrigerator type). It was late October, which is fairly chilly in our city. We advertised a campout and told kids to dress warmly. The group spent the night in our wooded lot in cardboard boxes (with the luxury of a sleeping bag). We had a fire in an old barrel (with Fire Marshall approval), roasted hot dogs on the fire, snacks were served in a new garbage can. Youth group members had to dig through wadded up lunch bags to find the snack they wanted. We played kick the can and other no-cost outside games. We had great support for our homeless project!

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Casting A Saving Vision

Have each youth write down the name of ten unsaved people that they have contact with on a regular basis. It can be friends, relatives, the lady at the grocery store, whoever… as long as they have contact with them. Collect the papers and make business card sized card stock with each student’s list on it. Take them to a printer and have them laminate them or jazz it up with desktop publishing. Give the cards back to the youth at Sunday School or Youth night and each week have the group pray for each person on the cards. If these people are kept in the forefront of their minds, they will be a lot more willing to witness.

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