Outdoor Youth Group Games

Test of Courage

Supplies: Glow sticks
Location: Woods
Additional supplies: depends on activities you choose

The test of courage begins by first telling the youths that it is time for lights out. About 30 mins, after they have gone to bed, wake them up military style (We have pounded on the doors, and turned on the lights). Pull them out of bed, but don’t tell them anything except that you forgot to do one last activity and that they were going to do it now. Using the glow sticks, have someone during lights out, go and setup the glowsticks as checkpoints in the woods. Without flashlights, you will have small groups of kids go into the woods 10 mins apart. The adults should follow but only as a guide to keep them on the correct path. Let the kids lead the hike. At each glowstick (Checkpoint) have a small puzzle or activity that they must complete before continuing. This is when hidden staff members will jump out and scare the youths. Also have staff members hidding along the path, breaking branches, moving bushes etc, but not to be seen. Ultimately you will hear screams back at camp, and the next group will be wondering what is going on, until it is their turn.

Moral: At the end of the hike which ends back at camp, the kids are told that even though things might be scary, as long as they trust in God, and in their friends, that they will be able to see the light and move foward.

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Tetherball Contact Dropout

Leader sits on the ground and swings a tetherball violently overhead like a lariat as close to the ground as possible. Players join around in a circle within range of circling tetherball. When the leader says “Go,” all players must move within radius of the tetherball circle and jump the ball and rope as it circles under them. If a player is touched or knocked down.

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The Great Pumpkin Smash

A great event following Hollowe’en.
Pick up a truck load of pumpkins (usally free). And plan the whole night around events that smash pumpkins .
-Who can smash their pumpkins the fastest and smallest.
-pumpkins toss
-bob for candy in the pumpkins (slimy and gross)
-pumpkins baseball
-pumpkins head races
Basically any game that you wanted to smash something in is applicable for this event!
Keys for this event to fly is allowing the students have their dreams come true, ‘you can smash a pumpkins and no one is going to get you in trouble’

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The Holy War

This will be one complicated game so be prepared…

Aim: To test team spirit, honesty, leadership and understanding between each other

First of all, divide all participants into 2 groups. After that, each group will be given 15 to 30 minutes to talk about their strategy. In each group, each member will have to role-play one character. It’s up to the leader of the group to decide the distribution of each character. The identity of each character should be kept secret.

Group Heaven Hell
Relic Holy grail Black Bible
Characters: Keeper of the light(1) Keeper of the dark (1)
Saint (1) Satan (1)
Elite angel (2) Elite dark angel(2)
Angel(3) Dark angel (3)
Priest (4) Dark priest (4)
Christians (7>) Satanists (7>)

How to win: Take your enemy’s relic to the judge。
*the number in the column represents the number available for that character

Roles of each character:
= Keeper of the dark/light They are the key player of the game. Protect this character at all costs. They will be given the relic. Although they are able to move around, they are not allowed to hide in hard-to-find places. If the relic is being stolen, they have the responsibility to tell other members to take it back before it is given to the judge. They are basically invulnerable and cannot be killed .But once their identity is revealed, Christians/ Satanists will do anything to take the relic from him. ( once he is tagged by someone , he have to reveal his identity)
* Those who reveal his identity will be killed by the relic except for Christians/ satanists

= Satan/Saint: The strongest character in the game. They are allowed to kill (tag) anyone except for the priest/dark priest with weapon ( this will be explained later) or the keepers .

= Elite angel/ Elite dark angle: They are not allowed to kill anyone. He holds the key to the dungeon and looks over to whoever came to the dungeon. This player should be versatile in all sorts of game and is able to accept the challenge of the prisoners. (we’ll talk about the dungeon later)

= Angel / Dark angel : They are like the cops in this game, they are basically like Satan/Saint but not as strong. They can kill anybody except for Satan/Saint or keepers.

= Priest/ Dark priest : They hold the key on killing Satan/Saint. However, they have to first go through a mission to get the weapon. They can be killed when they are at their mission, so be careful. They also have to ability to save prisoners ( explain this later) , but they could also get killed easily ( they reveal their identity when trying to save the prisoners). * they can still kill Christians/ Satanists

= Christians/ Satanists : Although they are the weakest character in the game . They are the only ones who can take the relic off from the keepers.( coz they are humans!)

How to play :
– Of course you don’t know who your opponent is, but if anyone is tagged, they have to show their cards, the one with lower rank have go to your enemy’s dungeon. If they meet the person with the same rank , they have to settle it out by playing papers, scissors, rock, the one that lost have to go to the dungeon. ( remember that u can run if u don’t want to reveal your identity)

– Any two members with different ranks are not allowed to be together (they have to be at least 10ft away), which also means the keepers will remain isolated all the time.

– Staying in one place for too long is not allowed .

The dungeons of the two teams are located in 2 separated places. The location of the dungeon will be fixed by the judge and told to everyone before the game starts. Those who have been killed have to be honest and go to the dungeon by themselves ( test your honesty).

The Elite angel / Elite dark angel will look after the prisoners. After the prisoners have waited for 10 minutes in the dungeon they will be given the chance to escape . They have to challenge the guard or win mini-games in able to escape .(they can choose) If they failed escaping, they can try again 10 minutes later.
Here are some examples of the mini-games:
-Arm-wrestle the guard
-try predicting how much time has passed ( 1 min and 23 sec)
-30sec make him laugh
-flip your coins and have the same result 3 times
-do 15 push ups in 10 sec
( there maybe some other games to be added – the elite angle/ elite dark angel can decide)

The priests/dark priests are allowed to save prisoners in an easier way . They have to challenge the guard with papers scissors, rock .(*can have variation) They can only save one prisoner at a time. But if they lose they have to wait 10 minutes till they can come back again. If priests are spotted at this time , they can get killed.

Once the prisoner is being saved/ have escaped , they are invulnerable until they are not seen by the guard ( maybe around 10ft away from the dungeon )

Priest/ Dark priest mission
In search of the holy weapon they’ll be given clues at the start of the game… It’s like the amazing race, except for that the clues are very obvious and are easily find. They have to find a piece of paper in every checkpoint for the next clue. Of course , the priest and the dark priest will have a different route. If they found the holy weapon ( which will most likely be replaced by a card) the priests/ dark priests will have to decide who will be the owner. Once the owner is being decided the weapon will have to stay with the priest / dark priest until the game ends. Which means the priest can still kill saint / satan even after he got out of dungeon.

Remember that it only requires one priest/ dark priest to complete this mission, but having 4 will make it easier ( better chance to escape ) but might also make it easier to be spotted

Anything goes in this game as long as they don’t violate the rules …. So be creative…..

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The Recipe for a Disciple

This was originally used with K-5th grade but can easily be adapted to all ages. Best played outside in an open grassy area.

Talk about themes in the Great Commission and how Jesus wants us all to be disciples. Say there is a mission for the group today. Not all groups have achieved this mission. It can be quite hard at times. Use other examples to describe how its sometimes very hard to be a good disciple of Jesus Christ.

There are five games for the group to play to illustrate five ingredients for making a disciple. (These can be adapted in any way, shape, or form.)

Ingredient #1: Quick feet – spread message to lots of people

Running Relay: Break into two teams and create any kind of relay (running, skipping, crawling, etc.). Anything using quick feet.

Ingredient #2: Bold voice – can’t be too shy

Sing Jesus Loves Me (or other appropriate-age group song) at the top of their lungs

Ingredient #3: Helping hands – help others

Use the classis “Pretzel” team-building game. Small groups cross arms and grab hands across the circle. The group must then work together to untangle without dropping hands.

Ingredient #4: Humility – put others first

Create any kind of normal race. At the end recognize the person who came in last. Cheer for them, lift them up on shoulders, etc. Celebrate that we don’t need to be first at everything in life.

Ingredient #5: Love – love people and meet new ones

Hook-On Tag: Entire group splits into pairs in wide open space. Each pair hooks arms. One pair is the chaser and the chasee. Student #1 chases Student #2. Student #1 hooks onto one person in a pair. The person on the other side (Student #3) has to unhook arms and is now being chased by Student #2. If Student #2 tags Student #3 then #3 is now it. The game continues until you choose to stop!

Hook-On Tag is a great time-filler and it releases a lot of energy!

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The Rope Game

First you need 10 to 20 pieces of rope about 3 feet long each. Tie a knot at the ends of each piece of rope. Next you put a tire in the middle of a field or yard, preferrably not cement. then all of the youth make a circle around the tire or object, each with a piece of rope to connect them together rather than holding hands. Next everyone starts pulling and tugging until someone loses their grip, then you throw the extra rope out and keep going until you only have one person left. There is one trick to the game, if someone touches the object in the middle of the circle (tire) they are out as well. This is a fun game to play, It wears people out that is for sure. Have fun!

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The Spaghetti Marble Relay

This game came from the need for a gooey game that can be played for our wet and gooey summer nights.

Items needed:

Cooked Spaghetti at least three packs per team (doesn’t have to be fully cooked or cooled all the way)
Marbles thirty – thirty-five
and anything else you can think of to mix in examples we used : BBQ sauce, Chocolate sauce, diced tomatoes, eggs, whipped cream the more messy and gross the item the better

Mix it all in a big enough bowl to put a foot in it make sure the marbles are the first ingredient so their at the bottom

Team up your youth into two or more teams make them take their shoes off

The object of this game is the first member runs to the bowl sticks their foot into the mixture and pulls out a marble and puts it in an empty container to be counted and you can stop the game any time we stopped at first to 15.

The looks on the youth’s faces as their foot encountered the warm, gooey, gross mixture is priceless so make sure you have your camera ready. Do this outside in the grass or on a tarp cause it gets messy. Have fun!!!

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Three Quadrant Volleyball

This is two volleyball games going on at once played by three teams. The two courts are set up in a line with the middle team playing on a side with normal dimensions against the two outer teams at the same time (The court is one and a half times as big as a single volleyball court since the middle area is used for both games.) You might put the better players in the middle; they need to play in both directions.

Almost everyone loved this game. Kids who don’t like any active games didn’t like this game either.

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Tin Foot Two

On an open paved area, draw Start and Finish lines about 10 yards apart. Divide the group into pairs. Players line up at the start line with partners standing on three tin can stilts, sharing the middle stilt with their inside feet. When the leader says, “Go,” the pairs of players race across the playground to the finish line. The first pair to cross the finish line wins.

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Towel Volleyball

Make teams of eight (or other even numbers). Within the teams everyone must have a partner. Each pair gets one towel. Play volleyball using the towels to catch and volley back and forth. Once the kids get the hang of it they absolutely love it!

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