Outdoor Youth Group Games


Our youth group is insane.
When I came they asked if I played bucketball. They then told me of a game that sounds like a basketball/football/rugby combo. Two buckets (garbage cans, milk crates, holes in the ground) are placed at either end of any kind of field. The group is divided into two teams. The ball used could be any ball – football, soccerball,
nerf ball, rugby ball, small child (actually
there might be a concern there). The goal is
to get the ball into the other team’s bucket.
Any means necessary to score, or stop the other team can be used. You can kick the ball, run interference, tackle, throw the ball forwards or backwards. The only thing not allowed, is touching the bucket to cover it or move it. It is insane. It is rough, but our girls love it – once they get over the intense fear. It is wise to have a
cell phone near by for 911 calls. 🙂

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Got Ya!

We normally do this activity over the Christmas vacation because sometimes this will take a couple of weeks to complete. First you find out how many of your youth group want to play. Each member in the game must have a dart gun, nerf gun or something like that, that shoots. Each member of the group is given one person they are to go after and shoot. This should be kept secret and the youth leader should make sure no two people have each other. Once the shooter shoots his target, the target must give the shooter the slip of paper with the name of his target on it. The shooter then goes after the next target until it is down to the final two people. Rules we have added: You can’t shot at anybody while on church property, at work or at school. You can not enter a person’s house without being invited in by a family member. If the target shoots the shooter before the shooter shoots his target, the shooter is not out of the game, but the shooter must leave the area and can’t go after the target again for at least 5 minutes. The shooter must make an attempt on his/her target at least every three days or they are out of the game. The last one left is the winner and we usually have a prize for the winner. The kids have a hard time keeping it secret who they are after, but it does make it more fun because then they never know who is after them. The kids love the game and we have had some good laughs. We have had kids hid in trees or roofs to try and ambush people. He have had dart gun shoot outs in the mall. One time a kid pulled up beside his target at an intersection, jumped out of his car, opened the passenger side door of his targets car and shot him. We have also played this game on a quicker scale by having a “got ya” night activity at the church, where the whole game is played with the kids hiding in and around the church. Enjoy

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Hot Potato Keep Away

This is a very fun, active game that a lot of kids seem to really like. It works best with 5-15 kids, but if you have more kids you can have more than one game going at a time.
Start out by getting everyone in a circle about arms length apart or more. Start by having someone pass the ball to anyone he chooses. The person needs to catch the ball and pass it quickly to someone else. If the ball is dropped or the player holds the ball too long before passing then that person goes into the middle of the circle. If the pass was not very catchable and was not caught than the thrower must go into the middle. Once someone is in the middle things get more fun. The person in the middle can intercept a pass to get out of the middle. If he knocks a pass down than the thrower is in the middle along with him. The final player not in the middle is the winner. I usually say that the “potato” is no longer hot when there is only a few players left so that they can run around everyone and try to pass it to each other. There is no contact between players. I also try not to let players stand in front of one person the whole time to try to intercept the ball, or get so close to the thrower that he has no room to pass the ball or can’t see. The only problem with this game is I get into it too much and try too hard to win. Have fun!

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Birthday Log

What you need:
A big log

How to play: Everyone stands on the log. When the leader says to be quiet, everyone has to be slient for the rest of the game. Without speaking or getting off the log, everyone has to get in order of their birthdays from January to December. You can use your hands to signal what your birthday is. If someone crouches down, then someone can step over them more easily. When they think they have it all in order they tell the leader.

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Relay Race 2

Each team member is about 20 feet from the other team members. They stand in a line or a circle. P1 runs to the first station. He has to put shorts around his ankles and hop to P2. P2 must take the shorts and put them around her ankles AND peel a banana with her toes and carry the banana to P3 in her mouth. She hops to P3. P3 puts the shorts around his ankles, banana in his mouth, AND peels a hard-boiled egg, which he puts under his arm. He hops to P4…

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Circle Tag

I thought Circle Tag would be better outside because there’s more room. More people means bigger circle. The circle has to be boy-girl-boy-girl. They all hold hands and there’s 2 people that aren’t in the circle (taggers) they run around the circle and tag 2 other people’s hands and run all the way around the circle and run in to the spot where they tagged the other 2 people. If they make it, the people that got tagged are it. The people that got tagged have to run the opposite direction of the people who tagged and try to beat them. if they make it then the people who were it first, is it again. I learned this from my youth pastor Amanda Grace Sage.

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Banarama II

We played the Bananarama game listed on this website. However, what we did was divide the youth group kids into “teams”. You need to have a volunteer driver for each team. The driver is responsible for the safety of their team and also to return the team back to “home” on time.

The teams are given a time limit. I tried 45 minutes and it was not nearly enough. I would suggest allowing 1-1/2 hours for this game…

I went ahead (earlier that day) to different restaurants, stores, etc., and asked permission to do the game at their establishment. Everyone was so willing to accommodate us and really enjoyed being included in the game! Things we “measured” by banana length are as follows:

The length and width of the patio outside a hamburger restaurant, the distance around a rack of clothes in a department store, the length of a sidewalk along a very well-traveled main street (too funny, all on hands and knees!), signs in parking lots, mailboxes, and the best one of all….. I went to the fire department and asked to measure all around the longest fire truck they had. Oh, they LOVED it!

At the end of the game, the team with the highest number of correct answers wins.


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Redneck Paintball

We played this last week and had a blast!!! We are in the deep south where redneck isn’t an insult but kind of a badge of honor so the teens and the church thought it was very funny!!

You will need colored condiments (ketchup, mustard, chocolate sauce, etc.) and marshmallows (the big ones work the best).

Make sure that everyone is wearing OLD clothes and brings a change of clothes. Also make sure that the girls are not wearing an all white shirt because they will want to wash off afterwards.

We divided into 2 teams (we did Jr High vs. Sr High). One team was red and the other was yellow.

On the sound of GO both teams dip their marshmallows into the condiment of their team and throw them at the other. The winner is the one with the least amount of color on them. Make sure that you make it clear to the teams that no one is to touch the container that the condiments are in.

Our teens had a blast and want to do it again next week!

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Amazing Race Challenge

Split the group in teams of two.

First challenge: Wheel Barrow race, The heaviest person on the team had to get in the wheel barrow holding 3 blown up balloons. The other person pushed the wheel barrow around the block. If the balloons burst or got dropped, they had to come back to the beginning and start over with the balloons. Unfortunately, we picked a very windy day so this challenge was hard! The first team around the block got the clue for the next challenge.

Challenge 2: Had to walk about a 5 blocks to the nearest gas station. Flag down someone or call someone (since all teenagers have cell phones) and pump exactly one gallon of gas into somebody’s car. No more, no less. There was a $1 in their envelope when they got the clue. Had to get a receipt. One of our leaders was at the station. When they got done, gave the receipt to the leader and got the next clue.

3rd Race: Calf Pull: Had to walk to an empty field that is about another 1/4 mile, waiting for them is 1 year old calves that have not been with mama for a while. The team had to lead the calf from one point to the next and back. Trust me, the calves didn’t want to follow. This was very funny to watch a bunch of city kids trying to get a calf to follow.. first team done got the next clue for the next challenge.

Pig Dig: Buried in the dirt piggy banks with a clue in them. They had to dig with their hands a pig and open it to get the last clue. The last part: Find the Gift Certificate with the grand prize: It was hidden up high in a tree at the local park where we ended the race. The prize was a hot air balloon ride gift certificate that we lucked out in getting from a member in our church. The kids had a blast and the winners said it was worth the challenges.

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Be Still and Know

I used this as a fun game while doing a program about listening. But it’s fun anytime!

Set Up: Put chairs (that can get wet) in a circle. Fill up plastic cups about half way with water. You will need 3 filled cups per chair in the circle. Come up with around 10 questions that test the youth on a recent youth group/Sunday School lesson. (Examples below)

How to play: Have youth who are willing to “be still and know” sit down. I would suggest that for each youth that is sitting there are one or two others to help them. Explain that they will have to balance 3 cups and “be still” in order to not spill the water on themselves. If they spill a cup they are disqualified. Then they will have to “know” the answers to the questions you ask. (I play that in order to buzz in their answer they say “Be still and know”).
Each sitting youth must balance one cup on their head and one on each of their outstreched palms. (Have the other youth help with this) Once the cups are all balanced, start asking questions. Remind the sitting youth that their hands need to stay flat (gripping the cups so they don’t fall is cheating). Have someone keep track of the score for each youth/team. The youth/team with the most correct answers wins.
If I am playing with teams I remind them that this is about listening. If they feel like they want to talk I encourage them to send “good vibes” to their own team member by waving their arms toward that person helping them to remember the answer.
Some example questions:
What are the three parts of the trinity?
What is our church’s address?
What are the ten commandments?
Name six of Jesus’ diciples.

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