Outdoor Youth Group Games

Watch The Net!

This volleyball game is slightly different, you don’t need a net! Split your youth into 3 equal teams, at least 4 per team. Choose 2 of the teams to play against one another just as you would in regular volleyball. With one team left, you add the twist. Have the last team stand within arms length of each other representing the net. The “net” can only take 1 step forward or backwards. The “net” can hit the ball anywhere on the court. If the “net” hits the ball out of bounds, re-serve. Now, when it comes down to game-point and the ball is in motion, watch the net!

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Dye War

Supplies: Large outdoor playing area; 4 32 gallon plastic trash cans; 2 pints food coloring purchased at grocery outlet store (red and blue work best) have all youth bring OLD white t-shirt; enough clear plastic tumblers (smaller cups)for each player; super soakers & dipstix for staff; hose for clean-up. Object: To completely change the color of the opposing teams shirt from white to red/blue. Description: Divide players into two equal teams. Separate trash cans in field about 30 yds. apart. Fill trash cans with water, add food coloring to cans (two trash cans per team). Fill staff super soakers & dipstix. Instruct players that they may only get one cup during entire game (break it, lose it). Explain boundaries. 30 yds x 30 yds. is sufficient for 100 players. Have at it. The game will go by real fast. After dye water is gone, hose ’em down. Dye does come out if soaked within a day or two. Of course you will become a target, staff will most likely lift a trash can over your head and do the Gatorade shower on you. :~) Enjoy.

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Walk In The Darkness

Before your group leaves on their journey have each member of the youth group take a taper candle. They must have their candle with them at all times.

The youth will then be taken to a large wooded area at night. The adults will split the youth into groups of two. (It is best if you do not allow close friends to be partners.) You should tell the youth that, “Someone is in the darkness waiting for you, you will know when you get there.”

There is absolutely no running, talking, or lights of any kind permitted. They may not meet up with another group. If they do bump into another group, one group must wait until they can no longer hear the other group walking before proceeding.

The groups of two are allowed to enter the woods in intervals of two minutes. Adults will also enter the woods and try to get the teams to follow them. The adults are there to tempt the groups to find the easy path. The adults will have flashlights, and they will lead the groups back to the beginning of their journey.

One man in a white robe with a bible and one candle will be waiting, secluded in the woods to meet the groups as they find him.

He must be well secluded and the more obstacles you can put in their way the better. They must go off the path to find their reward. Fallen trees, shallow ravines, tall grass, all things are frightening in the dark.

As the groups find “Jesus” he will light their candles upon arrival and they will wait in silence for the others.

As the group grows larger so will its light and others will soon see where they must go.

After all the groups have arrived Bible passages will be read attesting to the darkness we must endure, and the paths we must find on our own. Everyone will leave in silence. Once you return to your camp fire, or church everyone can reflect on what their journey in the darkness meant to them.

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Prince and the Pauper

Giveeveryone 2-4 water-balloons and have them pair up. Have one of the pairs be the prince and the other the pauper. They should only tell the judge which one is which. The goal of the game is to drench the other teams’ princes while protecting your own prince from the water. The game is over after all the balloons are gone. The winning team has the driest prince. Great for a hot summer day!

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Sorry Wrong Number

You will need:
Youth Leaders and/or Parents with cars.
Quickchange Payphone cards ($5.00 max) or a roll of quarters.
Big bags of candy or treats.

Go around your church’s neighbourhood and make a list of all the areas where you find banks of payphones (local malls, shopping centres, movie theatres and other public places).
Choose anywhere from five to ten of these locations. Another location is your church which is to be the final clue for the game. Here you will find a place to hide the bags of candy and treats.
Record only ONE of the phone numbers from each bank of payphones at each location (it would be a good idea to make a call from this phone so you know it works).
Write a clue for each location that every team will have to decode to know which location to go to (ie. Let’s say one of your locations is the furniture store IKEA. You would probably write, “Team SWEDEN didn’t have a lot of COMMON SENSE when they lost to Belarus in the Olympics. But if they shopped here they would…” – because IKEA’s catchphrase is ‘Swedish for Common Sense’).
Once you have all the clues randomize the order so not every team is at the same location at the same time.
Also write on the top of each team’s first clue the church’s phone number and any extensions that the youth will have to call.
The first clue for each team should go in an envelope only to be opened once the game has started.
You keep a copy of their entire list because they will have to call you for the next clue.
Give the first clue and the payphone card or roll of quarters to each team.

Once the teams are given their team’s first clue, the means to make phone calls, are assigned to a car (driven by a leader or a parent) and are sent off they can open their first clue and proceed to their first secret location.
When they arrive at the bank of payphones at the first location they choose one of the phones and dial the number and extension on their first clue and will speak to either yourself or another person helping you answer the phones (it would be wise to have a couple of you stay behind to answers phones with all these teams out at the same time)
They will then have to tell you the phone number on the payphone that they are using to make the call. If this phone number matches the number you chose from the bank of payphones you will give them the next clue.
If the phone number they give you does not match the number you chose you say, “Sorry, wrong number” and hang up. The team then chooses another phone and calls you back until they have chosen the right payphone.
You can then give them the next clue on their list.
You will go through all the clues until you’ve reached the final clue that leads them back to the church.

Once they have gone through all the clues they should be back at the church seeking out the secret location of the prizes. Be sure to identify which bags of treats and goodies are for 1st place, 2nd place, and so on, so every team gets some the prize.

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Flags or marker poles, one for each team
One flashlight for each player
Lots of small, empty boxes or bags – anything that can symbolize provisions
One larger box for each team to store their provisions


This is a competitive role-playing survival game for any number of teams of 2. Stash! is best played at night, so make sure you have enough flashlights with new batteries to go around. Each player will have his own flashlight.

Beginning the Game – Each team (the Villagers) starts at their home base, their “Stash.” Mark the bases with a small bright flag or brightly painted pole. If possible, spread the teams out enough that their Stashes are not in each other’s range of vision (play in a wooded or semi-wooded area if possible). The goal of each team is to search out and gather provisions from their Supplier at the other end of the field or playing area and deposit them in their stash. The Suppliers are played by adult leaders. There is one Supplier for each team.

Team Roles – Each team member plays a different role. One team member will play the part of the Carrier. The Carrier is responsible for transporting the provisions from the Supplier to the team’s Stash. He can only carry 3 boxes of provisions at a time. The other team member plays the part of the Protector. The Protector is responsible for guarding, and he must choose carefully exactly what he will guard. He may act as a bodyguard for the Carrier on his team, traveling with the Carrier to and from the Supplier to shield him from the other Protectors. A Carrier traveling without a bodyguard is vulnerable; if he is caught in the flashlight beam of another team’s Protector, he is taken prisoner for a period of 3-5 minutes (whatever your preference) and if he is carrying provisions, they are confiscated. Lone Carriers cannot use a flashlight to capture other unguarded Carriers.
The Protector may also choose to guard his Stash and leave the Carrier to travel alone. This why:

The Raiders – There is another party at work during the gameplay – the Raiders. The Raiders are two teams of bandits who roam the playing field, searching for unguarded Stashes. If they find a Stash unguarded, they may steal any provisions they find there and return them to their own Stash. The two teams of Raiders are enemies, however. If one team of Raiders finds the other team’s Stash unguarded, they may plunder the entire Stash and return the provisions to their own Stash. More often than not, though, they will find their own Stash stolen in their absence! (Villagers cannot plunder the Stashes of the Raiders, nor can they rob each other’s Stashes). Only Suppliers may plunder the Stashes of the Raiders and redistribute the goods to their respective teams.
Raiders cannot kidnap lone Carriers or confiscate their provisions by catching them in their flashlight beam.

Once a team of Villagers manages to gather 9 boxes (or bags – whatever items you use) of provisions (3 trips’ worth), these are “locked” and cannot be stolen by the Raiders. Set them aside from the rest of the Stash. These 9 boxes are counted as one Unit of survival. Raiders cannot “lock” sets of provisions. The object of the game is to collect as many Units as possible. Whoever collects the most Units wins, Raiders and Villagers inclusive. Stash! can last from 30 minutes-1 hour or longer, depending on your personal preference.


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Pop Can Roulette

Have about 6 cans of fizzy drink.(something clear like Sprite, 7UP, etc.) Shake 1 so it will explode if opened. A victim chooses a can and can drink it if they do not get soaked due to fizzed up.

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Amazing Race

We played a version on the Amazing Race (CBS) at our youth retreat last weekend. The kids (and leaders) had an awesome time.
We split the kids into groups of 3 (we only have a small youth group – this would work with bigger groups too). They each got their first clue leading them through the bush (we live in Australia) to their detour (a choice of two tasks).
1. Find 20 straws hidden in the bush (pretty hard – the straws were green)
2. Set up a tent (by the way this was at night time so this was hard too)
Once they did their task they got the next clue which lead them through a bunch of mud (some of the girls freaked out a little at this) to a roadblock (a task the team HAVE to do together).
They had to match up 10 Bible verses with their addresses. There were some obvious ones and some hard ones.
They then raced back to the cabins where we were waiting to greet the first team there. They got some neat prizes from the Christian bookshop.
We did this with only 2 leaders and 15 campers – it can be done!
It was an awesome activity and made sure the kids burned some energy before bed (not that they were any quieter at night-time!)

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This basically turns into an all out brawl, but our kids loved it.

Here’s the way it works.
1)Form two teams with an even amount of guys and girls.
2)Guys must play by only hoping around on one leg, like in Flamingo Football.
3)You have one ball per 30 kids and one adult officiating per ball.
4)The goal is to get the ball across the other end line, but there are some rugby related rules
– The ball can’t be thrown forward, only backwards or sideways.
– The ball may be only be advanced by running or kicking.
– Once the ball is scored, it is handed to the ref in charge of that ball and is then thrown to the middle.
– In the case of tie up, the ref says, “Jump” everyone stops and the ref throws the ball up like a jump ball in basketball.

This game is dirty, rough, and whole lot of fun. Feel free to email me with any questions.

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Bandanas to mark KGB Agents
Water Gun divided into pieces
Letters W, A, T, E, R written on cards
Word STUN written on 5 cards
Small Carboard boxes
Dodge balls

The pieces of the water gun, the WATER letters and the STUN cards will be put into boxes and sealed. The boxes will then be placed throughout the playing area in realitively easy to spot places. None should be hard to find!!! The cones should be placed in squares to mark Siberia and to mark the Peasant’s home base. The KGB will wear the bandanas and will each have a dodgeball.

The peasants have been surpressed by the KGB for quite sometime and it has been rumored that there is a weapon that can give them the power they need to destroy the KGB once and for all. Pieces of the weapon are scattered across the land in small boxes.

In order to win the peasants must collect these boxes and assemble the weapon. The weapon is powered by Water and the peasants will only have access to the ammunition they need by also collecting the word WATER the letters are also contained in the boxes.

Meanwhile the KGB have also heard of this powerful weapon and will seek to keep the peasants from collecting these parts. KGB agents will attempt to arrest the peasants and send them to Siberia. Agents can do this by tagging the peasants or hitting them with a dodgeball. Once tagged or hit the peasant must report directly to Siberia for orders from the Jailer. Once freed from Siberia the peasant must report to their home base before continuing the game. KGB are allowed to gaurd pieces of the weapon. Any peasant who complains about this or any other aspect of the game will be sent directly to Siberia.

The peasants are not completely helpless against the KGB in the boxes are also 5 STUN cards. When a peasant is tagged or struck by a KGB agent they can choose to give that agent the STUN card causing the Agent to have to report to Siberia and remain there until freed by the Jailer. An agent cannot be stunned unless he or she first tags the peasant.

Once the peasants collect all the weapon pieces assemble and load the weapon the KGB may choose to hide from the peasants in order to avoid getting eliminated. Play continues until time runs out or all the KGB are eliminated.

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