Missions Events

Pins For Missions

Secure the use of a bowling alley and set up a bowling tournament or just an evening of bowling with your young people. Pledges are taken from adults and businessmen in the community. Each kid enlists the help of sponsors who pledge 5 cents or more for each point scored while bowling. Each kid bowls three games and the total number of the points score determines the amount of the sponsors’ pledge. In a tourney, the “winners” continue scoring more points, therefore collecting more money for the cause. Money can go to Wing the Word or ERDO, or some other World Missions project.

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Prayer Tour Of The Inner City

Assemble the kids in the church van and drive around the inner city in front of spots you’ve pre-selected for your kids to lead out in public prayer while they’re in the van. For example you could stop in front of: an abortion clinic, a skid row hotel, a group of prostitutes on the corner, a soup kitchen for the homeless, a rescue mission, the county hospital, the police station.

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Shantytown Scavenger Hunt

Give the kids 30 mins to walk out into the surrounding neighbourhood to find things they could build a shelter with – a box, newspapers, etc. The goal is to find enough items to build a Shantytown with. When they arrive with their items, they have another 30 mins to build the Shantytown in the church parking lot. A 55 gallon drum for a fire will increase the shantytown feel. After they’ve set it up, gather around the fire and ask the following questions: How did it feel to scavenge? How did it feel to have to beg (for supplies)? What would it be like if you had to live like this night after night? Continue in the discussion.

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