Making Eggs Skit

This skit is something that I learned at a party. And we now do it all the time!

First you get 5 people to do this skit.
{1} a director of the play
{2} a making egg person
{3} another maker of eggs
{4} a person who passes out
{5} and a doctor

You have the “egg person” start by pretending that they are mixing up eggs in a bowl, then the second “egg maker” comes up and asks
“Whatcha’ doing?” Then the egg person says “making eggs.” Then the maker of the eggs is confused and asked “Making eggs?” And the egg persons says “making eggs.” Then she/he agrees and joins him/her. Then the passer out comes in and asks the same the question and asks the egg person and the maker the same question. Then she passes out when she founds out what they are doing. And then The maker says to the egg persons” Call 911!” And the egg maker calls 911, and says” 911?” “yes?” answers the doctor. ” I think a person died!” And they answer “Ok. I will be right there.”
The doctor comes and picks up the dead person’s hand and says “Yep. She’s/he’s dead.” And then the director comes out {it is like a play they are putting on} and says” NO,NO,NO you must do it must slower!”
So as you can guess, You have to do the WHOLE thing over again but extremely slower very very slow!!!!! And when you drop the passer outer hand really slow!!!! The the director comes out again, but this times tell them to do it much much more faster!!!!
So again you have to do the WHOLE thing over again but extremely faster!!!!! It is hiliarious to listen to their voices as the try to make them go slow or make them faster!!!!! But at the very end everyone just gives up!!!!! It is a really funny skit!

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Making of the Video

This has been one of the funnest things I have ever done with my youth. It is great if you have a drama-oriented group.

Needed: Windows Movie Maker software (comes standard with Windows XP) and a digital video camara.

Description: You simply pick one of your group’s favorite Christian rock songs that tells some kind of story (ex. Relient K’s Sadie Hawkins Dance). Then you film them lip-synching and pretending to be the band and acting out the drama. Using Windows Movie Maker or a similar program, you can edit the footage, and put in really cool special effects. It’s not as hard as someone might think. My teens beg me to do new ones all the time. They have a ball doing the acting and mosh pits.

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Male Beauty Pageant

All Youth like to get crazy at times and with the “Male Beauty Pageant” they can do just that in a safe and secure atmosphere. The way to start is to announce that you are having a Youth lock-in or even a fundraiser. (sell tickets). Get as many “Male” volunteers as you can and instruct them to wear at least a tee shirt and cutoffs. Then assign the girls in teams of two. They can then choose from the list of male volunteers. The girls in teams of two then have about one hour to make their male volunteer as beautiful as possible. They can use makeup, dresses nylons, wigs, ( the works) . Then you can proceed in a number of ways. Last year we had a board of judges (The pastors wife was one of them) and the contestants walked down the runway and were judged according to overall beauty, talent and most memorable.
(We laughed until it hurt) This year we are combining it with a dinner fundraiser where the contestants will wait on the tables and the guests will be the judges. Don’t forget to video tape this for later. The Youth will want to see it over and over.

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Mental Case

We do this every week. I’m “Mental” over my kids and they go “Mental” over this game! This is especially great if you have an outreach-based youth group where most of the kids haven’t had the luxury of growing up in Sunday school, playing games, winning prizes and overall experiencing Christian generousity.

Take an old suitcase and decorate it as crazy as possible. Ours has Christian symbols, stickers from bands and scriptures like “Let no one despise you for your youth” and catch phrases from our group like “Eric has pointy ears!” (Eric doesn’t mind) Somewhere in the middle of the suitcase it should say “Mental Case”, just so there’s no question as to exactly WHAT it is…..

Fill it with fabulous prizes, like chattering teeth, rubber snakes, gag gifts, stickers, WWJD pencils, Jesus Loves You yo-yo’s, and occasionally and without notice a CD, T-shirt or video.

During youth group, give out raffle tickets. This is the point system we use:

Bring your bible = 5 points
Bring someone new who’s never been there = 10 points
Best listener/most respectful & well behaved = 3 points
Valid question about the teaching = 2 points
Good comment about the teaching = 2 points

Hand out points arbitrarily as you feel led. Be very generous. One point equals one ticket. When all is said and done, have a drawing. You can draw first, second and third place or maybe have everyone win something.

The trick is that whoever draws first gets first pick, and if there’s a CD or something big you threw in there, that person gets it. So the point is to get the most tickets so you’ll have the most chance of being drawn first.

Some people feel like this is bribing kids to come to youth group, but I don’t feel that way, especially since our church has a bookstore and our kids love to read. We put books in our Mental Case by authors such as Josh McDowell, C.S. Lewis, Frank Peretti, Miles McPherson, etc. They absolutely love it. Some of our kids have a low reading level and some read at a college level so I try to put books of different reading levels in there. The bookstore donates a lot of stuff for the Mental Case, but maybe your local Christian bookstore or Christian businesses would donate.

Also, cheap prizes can be bought from Christian wholesale distributors and also from costume/party stores! Enjoy!

And be sure to give out free bibles to new people. I highly recommend the Extreme Teen Bible, CEV version.

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Monthly Activity Sponsors

Depending on the size of the group of Youth to be sponsored …. ask parents (or singles) to sign up to sponsor the group for an activity once a month. This could be in the form of a picnic, barbecue at the sponsor’s house, bowling, hiking, etc.. For a group of 12 youth, we asked two couples or 4 singles to sign up as sponsors and gave them a choice of what month they would want to do this. This has been very lots of fun and encouraging. We start each activity with a bible study or class, then move into the activity.

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Movie in a Park

Take a TV and a VCR or a big screen and set it up in the park and have the youth bring drinks and snacks, chairs or blankets and have movie nite in the park. The kids will love it. Of course, this is done during the summer months.

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Name Game

This is a variation on the Animalz! game you can find in the Indoor Games section. Early on in the year when we have a lot of new kids who don’t know each other, we will play this game to help everyone learn each others names.

We prefer a balled up tube sock at the end of another tube sock. All of the kids “line up” in a circle. There is one person who is ‘it” in the center of the circle. Choose a person to lead off. They must say their own name, and then the name of another person in the circle. The person in the center must attempt to tag the second named person before they can say their own name and another name. If the person in the center ever succeeds in tagging the speaker, they trade places.

Once the group starts to get the hang of it, occassionally say one name, but point at a different person.

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A simple phone call the afternoon of youth events.
All kids who walk in the door fill out a card with their name, address, phone number, Highschool, grade, and birthdate/age.
Put their name and phone on a list to give to 2 or 3 of your Hard Core youth. Each Wed. or Fri. or whenever you have youth, the kids with the lists call everyone on the list. If they’re not home leave a message. If they know people care about them, they’ll come. The main focus of the call is to make sure to remind them of the youth function for that night. Second, whether they are coming or not, to pray with them about anything in their life they may be struggling with. Each youth function, no matter how little, or how big.
Show these kids you care, and especially that the other kids care about them to. Make it a place where they can feel at home, no cliques, no making fun, nothing but Christ’s love being shown. And remember, DON’T BE AFRAID TO PREACH ON SIN.

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Oops Wrong Video

Is your youth group snoozing and you’re about to show them an important teaching video. Why not purposefully put in a “wrong video” it could be a clean, older SNL sketch or Godzilla movie, Three Stooges, any goofy thing that will snap them back into reality. Go ahead then and show your video now that you have everyone’s attention.

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Progressive Dinner

In advance, assign and have several youth leaders or church members prepare a different meal course (appetizer, soup, salad, main, dessert) at their home. On the night of the dinner, the youth will travel from home to home to have each meal course. This is something that I have done several times and it is a lot of fun! Teens like it a lot because as we know teens enjoy food, but they also like to hang out with their friends. This dinner can also work with adults too.

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