Indoor Youth Group Games

Train Wreck 2

This game is a great ice breaker type game and the group loves it. They beg me to play it regularly.

It can be played with anywhere from 10-40 people. The only materials you need are enough chairs for each player less one and a list of questions.

Put the chairs in a circle and everyone takes a seat. Except the person who is it. he or she stands in the middle and you ask “it” a question about him/herself.

It can be as harmless as their favorite christmas gift, or you can go deeper depending on how well the group trusts each other. Give the person who is “it” a way out if they really object to the question ask a different one.

Once “it” answers the question they have to say “I like people who…” and they fill in the blank with something like. I like people who wear blue. Or I like people who have brown hair. Then everone in the circle who has that in common with the person who is “it” has to get up and change seats, but you cannot change to the seat next to you on either side. You have to move at least two seats away. The catch is it also has to be true of the person who is it. If a blonde said I like people with brown hair they would have to try again.

If the person who is asking the questions says Trainwreck. Then everyone has to change seats.

Keep an eye on their energy level. We have broken a few folding chairs when the group gets too excited.

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The Ummmm Game

Time the kids for 30 seconds. They have to talk in that 30 seconds without saying ummm. If they succeed, keep adding words that they cannot say. For example: uhh, and, I, we… and the list goes on. It is very challenging. This game can be played with teams or individual players. It can be played with a large or small group. Our kids love this game and ask me all the time to play it.

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Human Pretzel

You need at least six people but works great if you have more (like 10-15). Have everyone huddle close in a circle, putting both their arms into the middle. Tell everyone to grab someone else’s hands, but not the person to their left or right, and not both hands to the same person. Once everyone has a hand you try to un-tangle yourselves. You must continue to hold hands at all times. It works best if you elect one person to be the leader in the group so you have one person talking at a time in order to guide people through each other to un-tangle (some people may have to be lifted or step over people to un-tangle, but they should never stop holding hands. Eventually they’ll form a large circle of everyone holding hands. They will probably all be facing different ways. Depending on the amount of people, this could take from about 3 to 10 minutes. I’ve never tried it with more than 15, so I don’t know how long it would take to un-tangle. Depending upon
how tangled they are, it should take 3-10 minutes to un-tangle. Of course the larger the huddle, the longer it takes.

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Pull Apart

This game gets a bit rough, but it seems that the kids have a great time playing it. First divide the group into two “equal” teams, make sure both teams have about the same amount of “strength.” Or you can play boys vs. girls. Tell the one team to “gather”, by all holding on to each other’s legs, arms…so they make one tight bundle. Then on other side of the room have a line (just use masking tape)and line the other team behind the line. Now time how long it takes the one team to drag the other team across the line, they can do one student by one which is easiest, and make sure no one is cheating (e.g. kicking off the people dragging them). The point is to hold on to the team as much as possible. See which team does it faster. WATCH OUT for torn clothes and rug burns! LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of fun!

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Speed Ball

You will need three Nerf balls, masking tape, and a large open space. Place a Nerf ball in the middle of each side of the room. Place the ball on a small stand, so that it doesn’t roll away. We usually use a roll of masking tape, setting the ball on it. Outline a substantial crease around these balls.
Divide kids into two teams, each team selecting a goalie to protect the team’s Nerf ball from being knocked off the stand. Only the goalie is allowed in the crease. At the beginning of play, the two teams run toward the middle of the room – each trying to get a hold of another Nerf ball. Whoever gets a hold of the ball can advance it two steps, before passing it to a team member. The object is to work the ball toward the opposing team’s goal, take a shot, and knock their ball off its stand OR cause their goalie to knock it off.
The ball cannot be stripped off a player. It can only be intercepted, or recovered – as a loose ball – after a bad pass. No physical contact between players is allowed. We do not allow goalies to touch the ball they are protecting, nor rest on both knees. This is an unfair advantage.

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Bottle Spin

Put a small amount of water into a plastic 2 litre soft drink bottle. Attach this “loaded” bottle to the end of a rope about three metres long. Have the group stand in a circle around a leader and “Spin the Bottle.” The idea of the game is that the youth in the circle jump over the bottle each time it passes them. If they are struck by the bottle they are out. This game is a huge favorite with our youth!!

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You Walley!

This game is great as a ice breaker or the beginning of a holiday roundup.
You will need a big container with bright decorations on it and the words “You Walley” on the front. Inside the container you collect as many items as you think fit in it, using all sorts of shapes and sizes. The object of the game is to see how many someone you select can hold without dropping any. When he or she drops an item you all shout YOU WALLEY!!!
We use umbrellas, balls, hats, heavy things, soft toys, etc. Keep score and see who can carry the most!

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Theme Park Fun

Take volunteers, about 5 or 6 (depending on the size of your youth group) and take them to an isolated room. Tell them that they are acting out their first roller coaster ride. Put enough chairs in a row, in front of the other youth, so it looks like a roller coaster. While you are telling the volunteers that story, tell the other youth who will be watching that the volunteers will be acting out their first potty training experience!! It’s guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes, and to those who volunteered to, once you tell them!!

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Omar’s Things That Float

Along the lines of bobing for apples but a more extreme. Have the youth leader dress up as “Omar” the master of things that float (or not). Set up a table with a long table cloth over it so you can hide the items to be floated under it. Have a large, fairly deep, and preferably see-through bowl of water on the table. Under the table place a unique collection of things that will either float or not. We have used lettuce, smarties, onions, cat food, whipped cream, and so on.

Ask for several volunteers and line them up. Blindfold the first one and reveal the first item to the crowd asking for a vote on “will it float or not” without revealing what it is. Put it in the water and get the volunteer to bob for it and try to guess what it is. Points for getting it right and extra points for retrieving a sunken item. Continue with the next volunteer.

Very messy game but great opener for a party or youth week-end. Have towels standing by.

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Coin Flip

Get as many pennies together as there are kids. (Pennies work best because if you lose a couple, it’s only a couple of cents). Give one penny to everyone there. They are then going to get into groups of two. One person will flip the coin 3 times while the other person calls out either heads or tails. If they get it right, they get one point. If they get it wrong, the coin flipper gets a point. Whoever wins the most points gets the other person’s penny and moves on to find someone else who has two pennies. The loser sits down to root for their friends or just watch quietly. If you have an odd number of people, put together one group of three and do “odd man out”. That is, all of them flip their coins and the one whose is different sits down. Then it goes on like normal. Keep doing this until only two people are left with all the pennies that were originally given out. Those two play the game as normal until there is a winner. The best part of this game is that you don’t need to collect the pennies. The kids will do it for you.

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