Indoor Youth Group Games

Auction Game for Peer Pressure

My assistant, Amanda Williams, and I were thinking of a game that will lead into a discussion about peer pressure. Our discussion evolved into a game that is like an auction game:

Preparation: we printed out pictures of 4 items that are bad of the students, and 3 that are good for them. The former were alcohol, drugs, 50 Cent album and a Hummer. The latter were cell phones, education and a Bible.

First, we tried it with our junior high students. We gave each of them $1,000 worth of play money from the Monopoly game. Then, they were all blindfolded with bandannas. We started the auction by describing the items’ advantages. Actually, we mentioned “good stuff” about the bad items, and some “wrong misconceptions” about the good items. Then, we started the bidding with a certain amount, and the students raised their hands if they are offering the amount. When we’ve got to the highest amount that nobody else would offer, we award the item to the winning bidder.

When the auction is done, they all removed their bandannas and were surprised with the items that they’ve bought. The discussion starts as peer pressure compared to being blind and just hearing the deceiving promises of some things that are being pushed to do, like drugs (your problems will go away) and alcohol (you will have a self-confidence).

When we tried the same game with our senior high, we only gave each of them $500 and they were not blindfolded. They purpose is for them to gang up (build partnerships) and share money to buy items. It shows how young people have the same interests, and also you can see how peer pressure works during the game when some students persuade the others to combine their money to buy certain items. We only award all the items once the auction is over. You can see surprises in their faces.

Just remember to collect the pictures back when the session is over, so parents won’t think that you are promoting drugs and alcohol 🙂

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Back Writing

It’s almost like telephone tag, but a little different. Split the group into 2 teams. Make each team form a long straight line of their own. The leader or someone not playing the game will provide a word/object (bike, flower, etc., etc.) then tell both people at the end of each line. They will then write it on the next person in line on their back with their finger. When it gets to the top. The person at the top draws it on a piece of paper and if right, gets a point.

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Bag O’ Goodies

Gather all kinds of really horrible foods – ones that are quick to open and eat. For instance, baby food, fresh produce, chips, crackers(small box), etc. Everybody is behind a line, 10 ft. One member/leader is holding the garbage bag with these items in it. The member behind line has to go up to the bag, pick something out, by feeling, not seeing what it is, eat it there, then run back to end of line. Race to the finish. If you don’t like something, you still have to eat it since you picked it. (Be aware of food allergies).
More cruel choices are onions, salami, warm ginger beer (remember, you have to chug it!), a whole pack of gum/candy. This works well if you are a hungry bunch!! 🙂

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Bald Is Beautiful

Select several guys with moderately long hair (but not more than 5 or 6 inches…) Select several girls to be the “stylists”. Each boy pulls a nylon stocking over his head completely covering his hair but allowing his face to still show. The stylists then begin poking toothpicks through the nylon hose and pulling out tufts of hair. The most bizarre hairstyle wins the contest! I’ve had several guys wear their new hairstyle all night long! What a hoot!

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Ball in the Middle

This is a game that I found in a book and modified so that youth would play it.

Supplies: a few tennis balls

Instructions: Divide all youth into 2 or 4 equal teams with at most 20 youth per group. Place a tennis ball in the middle of the room. Put each team in the room so that they are all the same distance from the tennis ball. Give each person in each Team a with number (If you have 4 teams than you should have 4 people with the number 1, 4 people with the number 2 and so forth). Instruct the youth that when you call out their numbers they are to race to the center of the room to grab the tennis ball run it back to their team without being tagged by one of their opponets. If there is a stand-still where neither youth will grab the tennis ball then you throw another tennis ball out and call another number. You can change things up by calling out more than one numbers to begin with or using a different kind of ball and putting Vaseline on it.

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Ball In The Middle – Japanese Variation

This game is the Japanese worm variation of the Ball in the Middle game. This idea came to my friend Greg and I one night after spending time with our friend Junji Takahashi. You set up the Ball in the Middle pretty much the same. Equal teams, and each person in each team has a number, etc. But, you have a basketball or soccer ball or something in the middle. Then you have all the participants lay on the floor, on their stomachs. Then when the numbers are called each person must crawl on their stomachs, not using their arms, in an inch worm type fashion. They do this while yelling, “Nama Coochy!!!!!” which is the Japanese word for worm. They all go to the middle and have to use their heads to bring the ball back to the group.

This game is an absolute hoot. Usually, you end up all on the floor in tears, because it looks so funny.

You could also just make this a race to the middle if you wanted, but it is more fun bringing the ball back to the group.

Enjoy, I know we do.

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Balloon Ball

Divide your group into two teams and have them sit facing each other, about 30 feet apart. Take a bunch of balls and use them as ammo to hit a balloon target set in the middle of the room. The goal is to get the balloon to cross the other team’s line by hitting the balloon with balls. No hands and no blowing the balloon. It is fun to watch because students are all focusing on the balloon and they get blindsided by flying balls. It’s awesome.

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Balloon Balloza

The kids will love this game!

You will need a lot of blown up balloons, and flashlights.

Split the group into 4 to 6 teams. You need at least 2 kids on each team. Assign the teams a balloon color. (The more kids you have the more interesting is gets.) Make sure the teams have a station and at least 2 flashlights per team. (We put the stations in the fellowship hall.)

Close the doors to the room the kids are in and have a few other youth leaders hide all the balloons wherever they want around your church. When the balloons are hidden make sure all the lights are turned off in the building. The teams can go out searching for balloons, but they have to find their teams’ color. They can pop other teams balloons. After they can’t find anymore balloons, have them return to their station. Whichever team has the most balloons is the winner.

After you determine the winner, you can tell the kids whoever picks up the most balloon pieces is the 2nd place winner. (It’s a good way to clean up.)

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Balloon Bible Quiz Bust

Place various bible questions and answers in balloons. Teams must race across the room to their pile of balloons and bust them and match the questions to the right answers. First team to get all right wins.

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Balloon Bop

First thing you need to have is balloons filled with air.
Have the kids line-up all in a line and the Youth Pastor says Ready, Set, BOP! Then the kids run after each other and start bopping other kids on the head! Then who ever gets bopped 10 times is out!!!

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