Indoor Youth Group Games

Amazon Warriors

First, get a durable chair. Get the group in a circle around the chair. Interlock wrists in the circle. When the leader says go, try to pull someone into the chair. If the person touches it they are out, and if someone breaks wrists with them and the person that let go are out. Keep going until there’s only one person left

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Amazon Warriors-Sock Grab Variation

Everyone take off their shoes and put their socks on their hands.
No-excessive violence. The aim of the game is to be the last one with any socks on your hands. Best played crawling. Also this can be played with socks on your feet.

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American Idol

This is yet another twist on the old favorite “Mafia” or “Amazing Mobsters.” I used this with a meeting centered around music. It’s also a nice option for those who don’t approve of the connotation associated with the original version.

The object of this game is to eliminate the Critics before the Critics eliminate the new talent. Think “American Idol,” but now the musicians can fight back! Game can have up to 40 youth plus one moderator. You will need a deck of cards. They will be used to tell each youth what their role is in the game.

1) Each youth will get a card. Set aside one (2-9/any suit) for each youth. Now replace one face card for every 6-7 youth that are playing.

2) Shuffle deck and allow youth to draw card that only they will see. SECRECY is the key.

3) Assignments are as follows:2-9 card = new talent; face card = music critic.

Once youth know what they are, take cards up.

4) Give the following commands:
“New talent sleep” – everyone closes eyes”Critics awake” – ONLY mob opens eyes. They choose (quietly) a person to eliminate. (Unanimously)
“Critics sleep” – everyone closes eyes again
“New talent awake” – everyone OPENS eyes

5) The eliminated person is announced and is exempt from any further commands or giving hints to other players.

6) New talent then votes on whom they believe is a Critic. People nominated may plead their case. The person receiving most votes is eliminated. Round over. Start commands again.

Summary: each round 2 people are eliminated – one by Critics and one by the New Talent. Whichever team at end remains, is the winner.

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Animal Farm

In this game the more people the better. We played this with over 20 people and it was so much fun.

First you need to have an even amount of people. Then you write down the name of animals on pieces of paper. (Eg. Duck, cow, camel) Write each animal twice on two separate slips of paper. Then hand out to each person a piece of paper with the name of an animal on it. They then have to find the other person in the group who has the same animal as theirs. Here’s the catch; it must be done in *utter silence*. A lot harder than it sounds (try acting like a pig in complete silence!) It’s hilarious to watch and so much fun to participate in. What once was a youth group turns into literally a pack of animals. It’s a great ice breaker and a favourite with us.

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Animal Game – Variation

Instead of playing the Animal Game, I thought of a variation of the Animal Game. Instead of using animal names you use the real names of the kids. You should play with the kids because it is an easy way to learn names for yourself and for the kids. So you would say Joey “likes” Kelley and so on. A little twist you can use is the person in the middle that is it uses a pillow to try and hit the person talking. Make sure you clarify the person it can only hit below the knees. That is it!!!!!! Enjoy!

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Have all your group members sit in a circle. Go around the circle, and have each person think up a DISTINCTIVE animal sound ie. quack, woof, meow, ribbit. Sounds that are similar are NOT ALLOWED ie. reow & Rwoar. Once everyone has a sound, pick someone to be IT and have them stand in the middle of the circle. The larger the circle, the more challenging it will be. Have someone start off by making their own noise, and then someone else’s ie. meow- bark. Whomever is bark must quickly say his/her own sound and then someone else’s ie. bark – quack, before the person who is IT smacks him/her over the head with a newspaper (or pillow). It goes on around the circle until someone is tagged. Whomever is tagged becomes it and goes into the middle with the newspaper in hand!

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Animalz! Variation

Like Animalz!, but we use the *name* of an animal instead of a sound, and the play proceeds as Owl says, “Owl loves Rat”, and Rat must say “Rat loves ____” (some valid animal in the group) before the person in the center whacks Rat on the knee (not head!) with an empty liter soda bottle or a roll of paper towels. Moose loves Squirrel!

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Apes & Monkeys

Two people are designated as “apes” and are given sticks (bats, pool noodles work well, etc.) Everybody else is designated as a “monkey”. Put about 4 or 5 nerf balls into play. The apes’ goal is to hit the monkeys with the balls…when a monkey gets hit he/she is frozen. If all the monkeys are frozen the apes win and you start a new game. The monkeys’ goal is to hit an ape with a ball (the apes use their sticks as shields.) If a monkey hits an ape then they switch (ape gives stick to monkey and becomes a monkey), and all the frozen monkeys are unfrozen. Loads of fun.

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Apple / Marshmallow Bob

This game begins just like the regular bobbing for apples. However, this game adds a new twist. Immediately after bobbing for apples, the person bobs for marshmallows in a bowl of flour. You can just imagine the results. The game is quite messy so make sure the floor is covered with plastic for quick and easy clean up.

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Army Dodgeball

it is basically a free for all dodgeball game with a twist. if someone is hit in the arm or leg they can no longer use that arm or leg until the round is over. for example if someone throws the ball at you and it hits your right leg you can no longer use that leg you have to hop around on one foot until the round is over. If they are hit on the back, stomach or head that person is “dead” or out, or if they use an appendage that they have lost in battle they are elimenated from that round. The last person standing wins the round. You can use one or more balls if you wish. This game can be played with or without teams, where as the last persson standing’s team is the winners.

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