Indoor Youth Group Games

Huckle Buckle Beasel

This game is great for small groups. The object of the game is to hide a quarter in in a room without covering it or placing it inside of something.The first person hides the quarter(in plain sight)while the seekers are in another room waiting to be called.When the group begins to search,the first one to spot the quarter should walk from the quarter (not to reveal hiding spot)and say “Huckle Buckle Beasel” and wait for the rest of the group to discover it. The first person to find it gets to hide the quarter.The fun in the game is to see how creative you can be to hide the quarter.

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Hug The Potholder

You make a circle with your youth group and place a POT in one of the kid’s laps… (don’t let any one see you do that). Then place a POT HOLDER in the middle of the group. Ask people to try to hug the pot holder with out the use of their arms. No matter what they do, tell them that they didn’t hug the pot holder. They have to hug the person with the pot in their lap before the game is won.
*** Hint: Make the pot as small as possible so that the game goes on for awhile.

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Hug the Potholder – Variation

Make a circle with your group and place a toy POT in one of the kid’s laps… (don’t let any one see you do that). Then place a POT HOLDER in the middle of the group. Ask people to hug anyone in the circle and then Try to hug the pot holder with out the use of their arms. No matter how they hug the pot holder in the middle they will only pass if they have hugged the person with the pot in their lap.

This confuses the group as Joe Bloggs hugged a person (who was holding the pot) and hugged the pot holder and PASSED yet John Smith hugged it the same way but he didnt pass (cos he didnt hug the correct person).

Its funny and confusing and you have to stress to each person when they figure it out to not hint the catch to anyone… but they can gladfully help u saying if the others did it correct or not.

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Hula Hoop Balloon Basketball

Tie a hula hoop to a rope and string it over something safe above the kids in a tall room.

Divide kids into teams and use a balloon as a ball. Each team tries to get the balloon through the hoop. If you have a big enough room, you can put a hoop at each end.

Make it hard by having someone hold the rope and keep the hoop moving up and down.

The more kids you have, the more balloons you can use, but you might want to color code them.

The best part of this game is watching a kid jump up for a falling balloon and grunt hilariously as he doesn’t even come close to the slowly descending balloon.

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Hula Hoop Weave

Any group size. All you need are some hula hoops.

Divide youth into a couple teams and have each team hold hands in a single file line. Start the hula hoops at the end of each line by having the first person put a foot and an arm inside. The idea is to get the hula hoop down the line of people without disconneting hands.

When the hula hoop reaches the end have the last student run with it back to the front and start again. We had teams of 6 and the team that cycled the original starter all the way through the line won. It only takes a couple of minutes. You’ll be surprised how fast they get going.

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Human Whack-A-Mole

What you need:
Two 4 ft. by 8 ft. sheets of corrigated
Round trash can lid
A couple of those large blow-up hammers

Use the trash can lid as guide to cut 7 holes in each sheet of card board. They should look like this:
Suspend the cardboard between two eight foot tables and really tape it in place. Have 7 kids crawl under the cardboard and position themselves under the holes. These are your moles. The other kids take the blow-up hammers and try to whack the “moles” as they pop their heads up through the holes.
We set up two games to allow more kids a chance at being moles and gave everyone a chance at the hammers. High score won a prize.

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Human Bowling

For this you will need a skateboard, a good helmet and ten half empty two liter bottles. Each group of three of four people chooses a person to be the bowling ball. The team has the person put on the helmet and lie tummy down on the skateboard. His/Her team pushes him/her forward at the 2L bottles. They get two tries to knock down the “pins”. The “ball” has to keep their arms at their sides.
Be sure to warn the “balls” to keep there head down when they hit the pins.
P.S. this game doesn’t work on carpet.
Also if its warm you can set up pins at the end of a slip n’ slide and play that way.

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Human Checkers

Get 32 large sheets of poster board or cardboard and set them on the floor like a checkerboard with empty floor space between each sheet. Get some black and some white garbage bags and cut head and arm holes in them. Distribute the bags to the kids, they become the checkers. Have them take their positions on the board and each team decides which piece will be moved. Rules of checkers apply, jumping of pieces is done in a “Leap Frog” fashion. Have some crowns that you can pick up at fast food restaurants available for those pieces that become “Kings”. This is a good team building game.

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Human Clue

Have six people dress up as the six characters from the board game Clue (a whodunit game where the players have to guess the culprit, murder weapon and the room where the deed was done).
Work out a plot, so that participants can listen in on conversations from the characters which give clues away.
Plant the actual murder weapon somewhere (as well as some false ones!) – e.g., a knife covered with tomato sauce hidden in a sink. Have other clues planted around the rooms, or even on the bottom of shoes, back of jackets etc.
The youth groupers have to wander around all of the rooms, listen, observe, look for physical clues, and at the end of a set period of time guess the murderer, the room and the weapon (perhaps the motive too).

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Human Foosball

Get tape and make a rectangle, have two goalies at each end, and then a team of four to five on either side. Each player must get on his hands and knees, they cannot cross the line of tape with their body. The object of the game is to blow a ping pong ball across the other teams goal line. Remember they can only blow on the ball. Just like foosball, have intermittent players on either side.

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