Indoor Youth Group Games

Dear Hunt

This game is a LOT of fun, but it tends to get pretty rough. The teams are usually boys v. girls. Each member puts a rubber band around their wrist with a string attached. The string is then tied to an index card with a hole punched through it that has the player’s name on it. The point is to get as many of the other team’s cards without losing your own. There are three safe stations: one for the guys to return the stolen girls’ cards, one for the girls, and one for all people to return to to get another card once they lose their’s. The cards should always been on the wrist, not up sleeves or taped down. Penalize for cheating. People should not tackle. You should have a large area (we use the entire church) for this game. Warn the guys not to be too grabby. Since the guys are usually a lot more atheletically inclined, we sometimes make new rules to help the girls, such as the guys must wear two cards and have them both still attached when they steal the girls’ one tag. It’s great fun, but beware of people getting too rough and competitive.

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in this game the youth pastor has 2 quarters then he says “declare” if the kids think they are both going to be heads they put both hands on head if they think tails they put both hands on behind. And if they think it is going to be heads-tails they put one hand on each. Then the pastor flips the coins. If the kids are wrong they sit down. The last one standing WINS! (make sure u have prizes available)

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Decorate the Tree

Based on “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”, with a team twist. Have paper ornaments available, and tape to double up on the back. Divide young people into teams. Have an empty “tree” drawn on paper for every team. Each team separately is blindfolded (everyone on the team), spun around, then set out to tape their ornament on the tree. After a minute, call time and take off the blindfolds. Do the same for each team in turn. Repeat the process, allowing only those who did not get any ornaments on the tree to try again. First team to get all (or most, if the game is on a time limit) ornaments on the tree wins.

After the game, discuss how we wander around trying to make the best of our lives until Jesus becomes our first priority. For older young people, take off the paper “tree” to reveal a cross underneath and discuss how each one of us added a “nail” to the cross through our disobedience to God, but Jesus died so that we would be free when we choose Him.

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Deep Sea Apple Bob

Like all apple bobbing it’s great if you can use a regular sized garbage can. Tie some string to all the apple stems, and then to something that will hold the apples half way down. A twist could be using blindfolds, and/or having a race to bob and eat the apple fastest. be caeful the water level doesn’t get to low because it could be difficult to get out of the can.

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Deep Sea Diving

Supplies for each team (of over 5 people):
a.) Garbage can full (I mean full) of water
b.) empty bucket
c.) timer or stopwatch
d.) a measuring cup
The object is to be the team that holds their breath the longest AND gets the most water in the bucket. Time starts and the first team member puts their head fully underwater for as long as possible. Once they are done, they immediately move over and try and ring as much of the water from their hair into the bucket. Also, when they’re done, then next team member in line needs to step up to the can right away (so you can just keep the watch running to keep track of time underwater).
HINT: Most people don’t have trouble running out of oxygen, but having to much CO2; if a person exhales a bit while underwater, they can last longer. When the whole team has had a chance to hold their breath and to strain water from their hair into the bucket, stop the watch and measure how many ounces of water are in the “hair bucket.” Take the total time and multiply it by how many ounces of hair water there is (total time x total ounces = final score).

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Diagnosis Psychosis

This was a fun idea that we tried out for our sleep over…it worked great.
We gave each of our youth another personality to be…the catch was that the person has a problem with their personality, that only shows up in when we are in a particular that we were in a lot during the sleepover, but not the one we slept in or used for wide games. The teens had to try to figure out what the diagnosis of the others were. We gave them each a paper with the teens names on them and they could carry them with them and write down their guesses. Prizes can be given for the best “psychologists” in the group. Our leaders did this too.

We gave them their personallities the day before and told them to keep the problems a secret but they could share their names…It helped to build excitement to the sleepover and they kinda got into the characters a bit. They were not sure what they were going to be doing with it all before they came either.

Some of the persons that were given to them were as follows:
Theodore Sidestreet was always beside himelf…that meant he was always thinking he was like the person beside him..and did things that that person did.
Sarah Slurp was obsessed with spaghetti and ate all food like spaghetti – slurp and all.
Dill Cucumber- was afraid of pickles and would scream when someone talked about pickles.
Valerie Cocoa- Gets the urge to stand on her head when she hears about chocolate.
Axel Skate- does a jump when he hears his name.
Skippy Blesso- sneezes when he hears the leader’s name.
Ella Giggle- is scared of laughter and screams when people laugh.
Alexander Bell- gets itchy armpits when the phone rings or he hears about a phone.
Barbie Flake- is obsessed by snow… she kept bringing in snow and eating it..putting it on chips and on her cereal in the morning.
Kay McDonald- obsessed with french fries.

Those are a few of our ideas I am sure you could come up with many more. A help was that we wrote down on a small paper the names of the people and their problems so we could help…like by talking about pickles..or chocolate…or whatever would help….

Have fun with it!

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Diaper Wars

Diaper Wars is a crazy game much like capture the flag.

The object of this game is to capture the other team’s hidden flag. But if you get hit with a diaper you get sent to jail. This game works best if your church has two levels.

First: Buy as many diapers as possible (enough so that each youth has at least 2)
Second: You must roll the diapers and tape them together: to make for good ammo.
Third: Split your youth into 2 teams.
Fourth: Divide the diapers evenly amongst the teams.
Finally: Let the youth loose.

Most often they never find the flag, they just enjoy hitting each other with diapers.

Clean-up is rough in a large church, finding all those diapers is tricky.

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Do You Love Your Neighbor?

This is a game favorite of our youth and can be played with large or small groups. Everyone forms a circle of chairs with one less chair than people. A person is chosen to stand in the middle. They point to anyone in the circle and say “Do you love your neighbor?” If they answer “yes” then the two people on either side must quickly exchange places before the person in the middle gets to one of the empty chairs. If they say “no”, then the person in the middle asks, “Who do you love?” The person will then say, “I love people who …” They can choose things like “people who are wearing white t-shirts” or “sandals” or “people who have kissed a boy”. Anything they want. When they say it, then anyone fitting that description must change places with someone else fitting the same description, all before the person in the middle grabs a chair.
This was great fun to play with parents and teens together as an ice breaker because eventually, everyone will have to rush to another seat and most people get a chance to be in the middle at one time or another.

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Do You Want to Buy a Duck – Variation

This is a variation to the game posted by Brianna – “Do you want to buy a duck?” The game is roughly the same with a couple differences. It would proceed as follows.

Person 1 “Do you want to buy a duck?”
Person 2 “A what?”
Person 1 “A duck.”
Person 2″Does it quack?”
Person 1″Of course it quacks.”
Person 2″Then I’ll buy it.”
Person 1″Sweet.”

Then person 2 asks person 3 to buy something else entirely. It gets crazy because you start having to keep track of the different animals or objects being asked about and you can allow the youth to come up with crazy ideas and questions. Ex:

1 “Do you want to buy a duck?”
2 “A what?”
1 “A duck.”
2 “Does it quack?”
1 “Of course it quacks.”
2 “Then I’ll buy it.”
1 “Sweet.”
2 “________(name of person) do you want to buy a surf board?”
3 “A what?”
2 “A what?”
1 “A duck.”
2 “A surfboard.”
3 “Will it let me catch big waves?”
2 “Does it quack?”
1 “Of course it quacks.”
2 “Of course it will let you catch big waves.”
3 “Then I’ll buy it.”
2 “I’ll buy it.
1 “Sweet.”

And it goes on like that with each successive person. You can even ask people questions who have already been ask. You can ask questions back to someone who just asked you a question – to make it interesting.

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Do You Want To Buy A Duck?

This is a pointless, neverending game that kids at camp LOVED!

It starts by one person asking another:
“Do you want to buy a duck?”
and then the conversation goes on like this:

Person 1: “Do you want to buy a duck?”
Person 2: “A what?”
1:”A duck.”
2:”Does it quack?”
1:”It quacks.”
2:”How much?”
1:”Five dollars.”

That’s all you have to know to play… because then person 2 turns, and asks someone else…
2:”Do you want to buy a duck?”
3:”A what?”
2:”A what?”
1:”A duck.”
2:”A duck.”
3:”Does it quack?”
2:”Does it quack?”
1:”It quacks.”
2:”It quacks.”
3:”How much?”
2:”How much?”
1:”Five dollars.”
2:”Five dollars.”
3:”Do you want to buy a duck?”
4:”A what?…”

The only way to get out is to say the wrong thing… eventually, you’ll have a whole line of people asking the questions… We would sometimes start this in the lunchroom, and criss-cross until everyone got confused!

I don’t know why, but it’s a hit… and once you start playing it, you’ll dread hearing… “Hey! You wanna buy a duck!?”

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