Indoor Youth Group Games


Torential rain poured down as we gathered in the church hall to head out to the baseball field. Soaked and dejected I came up with 2Ping on the spot. If you have very little room and you want to play indoor baseball consider 2ping.
You have probably guessed that you will need a ping pong paddle and a ping pong ball to play this game. It is played in a room just smaller than a half gym. The pitcher must throw the ping pong ball to the batter (you would not believe the wild spins you can put on it) The batter gets only two strikes, or walks to first base if hit. It is a zany fast paced game of indoor baseball that does not require baseball gloves, bats or an outside playing diamond. If you have a small group that is willing to try new things, see if this will become their new favorite game.

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3 Blind Mice Maze

I assume that each church has rolls of plastic tablecloths that are used for potlucks and dinners.
Make a maze on the floor using the tablecloths, tape the cloths together, have 3 entrances to the maze. Blindfold the 3 contestants and place each kid on their hands and knees at one of the entrances. Each one must crawl to one of the other entrances using their hands to feel where the tablecloth leads or ends or turns. All 3 contestants are in the maze at the same time and the first one to find their way out is the winner.

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4 On The Couch

Everyone writes their name on a piece of paper and folds it up. Put all the pieces of paper in a hat or bowl. Everyone takes a new paper out of the hat. Now that is their new name, and they can’t show it to anyone. Everyone is sitting in a circle with part of this circle containing a couch or 4 seats designated as the “couch”. The couch must have 2 girls and 2 boys seated on it in the beginning. The object of the game is to get all girls or all boys on the couch. It is good if you have a fairly even split between the boys and the girls if not you can assign some girls to be boys or vice versa. In your circle of chairs there should be an empty one. The person on the right of the empty chair attempts to call off a boy or a girl depending on what they are. If they are a boy they will want to call off a girl so a boy could replace them on the couch. They call a name of someone in the group but remember no one knows anyone’s name yet. Who gets called goes and sits in the empty chair and exchanges names with the one who called them. Now the one on the right of the new empty chair calls someone. It continues this way until you have all girls or all boys on the couch. It really makes you think because names are changed so often. No one should be giving clues to the person whose turn it is.

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4 Ring Circus

This is a great game to tire your kids out FAST! You tape four circles or squares onto the floor making a square. Make them about 6 ft apart. You place a jolly rancher or other small object in each of the circles. Start off with one person in each corner and when you say “GO”, the kids have to run to another circle and take one object and bring it back to your own circle. The object of the game is to get three objects into your own circle. Be sure to have a few extra jolly ranchers handy to throw in the middle if the kids are having trouble getting three in their own circles.

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7- Ball

7-Ball is a game I made up one night for our church youth group. You will need the following: 7 tennis balls, 3 trash cans (we use the big ones on rollers), a magic marker, and participants. That’s all you need!

To set up the playing field, place the trash cans in a row, going away from the player. The first should be 7 feet from the “throwing line”, the second 14 feet from the line, and the third 21 feet from the line. On one of the balls draw a “7” with the marker. That is your “7-Ball.”

Here’s how it works. Participants stand behind the throwing line and try to make the balls in the cans. The first can is worth 1 point, the second is worth 3 points, and the third is worth 7 points. The 7-Ball is worth the can it gos in, plus 7. So it is worth a total of 8, 10, or 14 points. However, if you miss with the 7-Ball, you lose 7 points. Negative 7 is the worst score possible (0 balls made), 56 is the highest (all 7’s).

We have a small youth group, so each person plays on their own team. We do it as a double elimination tournament and the youth has a lot of fun with it. But you could play it in teams, or however you want. It is so much fun, and you will be surprised because the hot shots that go for seven every time are stunned when they get beat by girls playing it safe!

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A Man Down

Team Building Excercise for leaders or teens.

This activity is designed to help students or leaders appreciate the importance of working as a team.

Synopsis: A student or leader goes and hides while another activity is running. Those participating are told that the person is hurt and requires emergency medical attention (without calling 911!) Teams must treat the person and move them to safety. Discussion afterward focuses on the importance of each team member and their contribution to the team.


Have the students involved in an active game. Choose one from Egad! their are tons of them! While the game is playing send a student or a leader out discretely. After about ten minutes stop the game and say, “Wait some one is missing!”

At that point instructions are given that the “man down” has a spinal injury and must be moved on a solid object back to the meeting room. The group will fan out and then find the missing person. The activity can be timed, with the instruction that the area is filling with poisonous gas. Another twist can be that members of the team going out to get them have also been given injuries and others have to compensate. If you have a larger group send out more injured people that need to be brought back to the room

Discussion Questions:

1. When did you notice that someone was missing?

2. How did you feel when you were looking for the injured person?

3. What has this experience taught you about team work?

4. How can we improve ourselves as a team?

A time to look at scripture concerning the parts of the body would be good to focus on the meaning of the experience.

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Act It Out Tag

I learned this one in acting class. Have two people sit in two chairs in front of the group. They will start acting out any clean, unoffensive scenario, like maybe driving a car or eating popcorn and watching a movie. Since this is not charades, they can talk. The conversations can be pretty hilarious. Then someone, anyone from the group yells “Freeze!” and both people freeze right where they are. The person who yelled “Freeze!” goes up and tags one of the two people on the shoulder. That person has to sit down and the new person takes their place, and starts acting out some other scenario without telling the other person what it is. They have to try and go along with it! Be careful though because this can quickly evolve into a WWF Smackdown! The game continues pretty much until you get tired of it. New people keep yelling “Freeze!” and tagging one of the two people and taking their place. It’s really fun to see the creativity that kids come up with…

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Act It Out Tag – Variation

This is an idea that involves the game of “Act it Out Tag”. You could also divide kids into two groups. Each group sends a member up to the front to be in the scenario. The point is to be the group that keeps the scenario going the longest. When one of the group members thinks that his or her teammate is going to draw a blank on how to act out the scene any longer they say FREEZE and switch places.


The leader yells FREEZE and who ever is next in line for both groups (or alternating groups every other FREEZE) has to go replace his or her teammate. Each scene must last for at least X number of FREEZES(3-5) but can go longer. Could even have non-biased judges (leaders) to say which team did a more convincing job in the scene. FREEZE should be yelled pretty frequently to keep it going. Letting the kids choose the scene is pretty interesting!

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Acting is for All

Basically, this is a fun game for all, which can be adapted to suit any group or any theme!

Split your group in to smaller groups of between 3 and 8.
Then give each group a piece of paper with either 10 or 15 words on. They must then come up with a drama, normally about 2 or 3 minutes, can be longer, that contains every single word on the list!

This means you can choose the words to suit your group. For example if you are doing a session on Bullying, you could write down, bullying, teasing, and other words, or perhaps a session on justice, you could use words such as peace, war, fighting, etc etc!

This works well, because you can do very silly ones when you just want a game to play.

I like to use place names, celebrity names, people from the group, youht leader’s names! These are all quite good if you aren’t really looking to follow a theme but are just having fun!

As my group are quite competitive myself and othert leaders judged them at the end with pieces of paper and marks out of ten for different categories, like team-work, creativeness, acting skills, use of words, etc!

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Air Jell-O

You’ll need a flexible clear plastic tube at least a metre long, some liquidy Jell-O and a ground covering. Put the Jell-O inside the tube and have two youth stand at each end of the tube. The idea is for each to blow into the tube as hard as they can for as long as they can. The person who gives up or has weaker lungs will inevitably get Jell-O on their face. An excellent, high excitement game. You could even have playoffs and award chocolates or lollies for winners.

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