Good Things

Travelling Thanksgiving

Our youth group of 20 did this a week before Thanksgiving. We all got together at our church kitchen and made all the fixings for a Thanksgiving dinner. (One of our guys even got up early that day to make fresh bread roll.) By lunchtime we packed all the food in plates and added a Scripture to the top of the plate. We then all got into our church van and went to go look for homeless people that were out in the streets. Happy to say it worked to show our youth how to work as a group and it showes us how blessed we are to have a hot meal everyday. The homeless were also very happy.

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Road Crew Rest Stops

Next time you go on a youth trip or retreat, pack some extra cold drinks and stop and offer them to any working road crews you pass along the way.

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Gas It On!

We have a gas station just down from the church and we go there and offer to pump the gas for everyone who drives up. It also gives us a chance to tell them who we are and give them a card that says we aren’t doing this for money or recognition, but just to demostrate Christ’s love in a practial way. It blows people away.

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Post Random Acts of Kindness

I am on the “justice and service” component of my youth group’s leadership team and I thought that it would be an awesome idea to post a random acts of kindness sheet someplace on a wall or bulletin board where YG meetings are held. During the week members of the YG can make an effort to perform random acts of kindness at school, home, or in their community. Then when they come for youth group they can write down what they did and sign it (if they want too). You could set a goal for how many RAOK you think should be done by the end of the month, or year even. You can twist it any way you want but I think its a great way to get teens thinking about how much one little thing can help someone out, and feel good about themselves when writing it on the random acts of kindness sheet.

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